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I started making music almost 11 years now.  It started with Acid Pro, but more recently I've gotten into Reason, Fruity Loops, Wavlab, Cool Edit Pro, whatever I can get my hands on.













Please Insert Me.

First Full Length Retail Album.  Out Very Soon!  Watch the videos, check out my website to preview the full album.


Update 2012:  Still procrastinating on this one.  Hopefully one day it will be released.  You can still listen to it on my website!

Feels Like 0.

First Retail EP Release.  62 minutes long, for only $3.99.  If you like what I do please support me.

Traitor of the 9 Moons.

An album that I've been making for a long time (too long.)  Frankly I don't know what to do with it.  It's 2 discs long and a bunch of old stuff that I started right after "Music To Drown Your Wife To"  So it's way old and I don't really like it, but I'd hate to scrap it after all the work I put into it.  Edit:  Problem solved - harddrive crashed in 2009 and I lost most of it.  Have some single songs, but the rest is gone never to be heard from again.  Careful for what you wish for lol.


Update 2012:  I put the songs that I still had together free for download on the site.  As I didn't have any of the files any longer, I just took the songs I had rendered and mastered them as best I could. 


I made a little online book that tells what was to be the story behind the Traitor of the 9 Moons.  It is an epic tale of romance, happiness and eventually defeat.  Check It Out.

Music To Drown Your Wife To.

This album is almost 10 years old now, but probably the best of the free albums I have to offer.  I don't think I could ever sell it, too many samples used and what not.  I really do like this album and it's still very good for being so old.  It's this album that made me think I could do this more than a nerdy hobby, I could actually get quite good someday (edit:  still working on that =P.)  All the song titles are taken in some way shape or form from anime movies.  Yes I'm a nerd.

Ancient Teachings.

I made this album as filler songs for the DJs at Deja Vu, a place I used to work.  They are all about 3 minutes long, which worked well for in between sets or for lapdance time.  I'm not sure if they still use them, but I know for a fact they use NeoTokyo from Music To Drown Your Wife To - a lot of girls like to dance to that song.  ROFL, if I don't accomplish anything else, at least I have my short lived strip club fame and fond memories.

What Am I, A Bad Guy?

Rodney Dangerfield says this to his daughter Juliette Lewis during one of thier scenes together in Natural Born Killers.  I was on a huge NBK kick when I first started making music.  I felt that since my name was Skagnetti, I should get as many tongue in cheek jokes in about that movie as possible.  The guy who showed me Acid Pro, which is what I used started making music with, was named Sean Mueller.  A group of about 6 of us including him and me used to watch this movie religiously - almost every day during the summer of 95.  That and Friday, lol.

Skagnetti on Skagnetti - Check It Out Sometime....

The title is a quote from Natural Born Killers, er, well I thought it was.  It's when he's talking about his book, I thought he said that, but he says something else, but it's very close to that.  Anyways this is my first album, I made it rather quickly.  I had my wisdom teeth out and was all f'd up on vicodin when I made the song "Wisdom Teeth".  "Summer Majestika" was for my friend who decided to beat every Castlevania one summer.  He succeeded except for one that was on a rare japanese computer platform, he couldn't get his hands on one.  "Saul Braun (South Bronx)" has a sample that I used about 6 months before J.Lo used it on one of her songs.  Beyond that, you can tell it's my first album.

The People Talk Halloween Compilation.

We made this for Restraining Hollywood's People Talk Halloween Party.  The party sucked.  The music ruled.  I made "Backstabbing Lie Machines" for the album.  I don't know how many people I've had to tell 'No!  The song is Not About You!'

People Talk Soundtrack.

More Restraining Hollywood stuff.  It was the soundtrack to the movie I co-wrote, produced directed, filmed, acted in, and did all of the editing for, and used like 8 of my songs for, and made the website for.  Me Me ME!

I got a couple songs onto the soundtrack, including "Tokeatron", there's a fucking A before the tron, Joel.  Good job fucking up the easiest thing you could possibly get assigned.


I collaborated on one of the songs - 'MN8'.  Check out his myspace to hear his songs.  Crazy Kraftwerk kind of shit.  This collaboration marks the first time I ever used Reason.  I've been in love ever since.  O, and it's my first collaboration...



DJ.SKagNetti Gear

Check out this great gear and other artwork I've done on Zazzle.



I only recently started making music videos for myself.  I made them with Adobe Premiere, and used clips from archive.org.

2 of these are from my next album "Please Insert Me", and the Just Walken was just for fun.  Check em out:


Fuck Like A Whisper. 

This video took forever to make, but I'm glad with the way it turned out.

Dark Chaos. 

This one was a bit faster, it cuts on every beat so that took a while.  I may redo it a bit next year when I release "Please Insert Me."  The ending is kinda messed up, but nobody has said anything about it so maybe I'll leave it.

Just Walken. 

I made this song about 4 years ago, it was originally intended for Traitor of the 9 Moons, but I at one time planned to sell Tot9M, and there was no way I could get away with selling this.  I still think it's hilarious.




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