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Aaron Palmer

Gold Spelunker.

Danger Seeker.

Motorcycle Air Acrobatics.

Ninjitsu Stunt Double.

Hamster Tai-bo.

Maker of Egg Milkshakes.

Founding Father.

Hat Wearing SOB.

Paint Mixer.

Will blow your tail clean off.


Does NOT play Warcraft.

Dog Therapy.

Financial Reporter.

Sad Clown.

Gratuitous Flirt.

Great Kisser.

The guy that makes you every once in a while tilt your head to the side and scratch it in pure amazement at the confusion that he causes.

Master of Boomerang.


Making Something of a Certain Nature Right since ot 2.

Contact Info:

Aaron Palmer



If you need something done, send me an email.  Check out my Artwork for art I have made.  Check out my Music for music I have made.  Check out my Websites for websites I have made.  Check out my Videos for videos I have edited.  I made artwork for festivals and film showings and websites, and am extremely good at Photoshop, Image Ready, and Illustrator.  I have made music for independent films and music videos and feel right at home with Reason, WaveLab, Acid Pro, Cool Edit Pro and more.  I have played Minneapolis venues such as Club Underground, The Uptown Bar, and The Kitty Kat Club, and festivals like the 10 Second Film Festival.  I have made websites for independent film companies and photographers and myself, great with FrontPage but not so much Flash or CSS or Java or any kind of hardcore coding like that, though I am a quick learner and have many tricks up my sleeve *cue diabolical laughter*.  I have edited independent films and music videos, I am proficient in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.  I can do a lot.  I can do it for you too. 


Please send a detailed description of what you would like done.  No spam please.  Make the subject something like 'Job Offer for BlackOgre.com', something that stands out, or it might get deleted as spam.  I get thousands of email a week.


Anyways, I'm professional, I care about stuff, I don't swear like a sailor in front of kids, I'm nice to my mother, I have nice shoes.  Just an average guy doing average work for less than average rates.  Please let me be there for you in your time of need.  Or something like that =)


Thanks much for your consideration,

-Aaron Palmer



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