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The Kodiak Sessions



The way this came about is that Dustin Duffy and I are in a band called Precious Metals.  We would practice once a week or more, and then every 5th weekend Esten would come up from Wisconsin and we'd jam all weekend long.  This was before Jordan Strama joined the band, so it was just Dustin and me practicing the tunes.  Anyways, we'd get to a point where we just couldn't practice anymore, like we could only get so far without Esten being there, and the stuff we did practice we practiced 100 times.  So Dustin has this chaos pad that he taught me how to use, and I especially enjoyed the sampler part of it.  So this one time I just sampled something he was playing and looped it over one the beats we use for a PM song.  Well it just got nuts after that.  He'd play something, I'd sample it, I'd play something on keyboard, he'd sample it, and we just came up with these eerie freestyle sessions that were just chaotic and all over the place, but since they were looped over a beat they just kind of made sense.  We'd jam out for hours at a time, and currently have over 10 hours of music we put together.

Every once in a while we'd drive to Marshfield and stay the weekend at Esten's instead of him coming to the Twin Cities.  The drive is a long one, 3 hours plus, and we used it to play each other new music we'd find and just talk about all kinds of things.  Well, one of the trips we made up this whole story about Wisconsin Dells, that he was actually a man who was a true hero to the people of Wisconsin, a legend.  He used a weapon he fashioned himself called a Hickory Stick, and used it to fight Kodiak Grizzly Bears.  At the height of his legend he came riding into town on a Kodiak Grizzly Bear, waving his Hickory Stick in the air.  It was just some ridiculous story we made up and laughed til we were in tears.  So that's why we named it the Kodiak Sessions.  Because of the legend of Wisconsin Kodiak Grizzly Bear Dells.

Here is one of the songs we cut out of the hours-long jams we made.


Visit our SoundCloud for many more =).

Here is a wallpaper I made for it.






October 2012



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