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Aaron Palmer

Gold Spelunker.

Danger Seeker.

Motorcycle Air Acrobatics.

Ninjitsu Stunt Double.

Hamster Tai-bo.

Maker of Egg Milkshakes.

Founding Father.

Hat Wearing SOB.

Paint Mixer.

Will blow your tail clean off.


Does NOT play Warcraft.

Dog Therapy.

Financial Reporter.

Sad Clown.

Gratuitous Flirt.

Great Kisser.

The guy that makes you every once in a while tilt your head to the side and scratch it in pure amazement at the confusion that he causes.

Master of Boomerang.


Making Something of a Certain Nature Right since ot 2.

- Grew up in Milaca, MN.

- Graduated in 1995.

- Went to UMD in Duluth, MN for 1.5 years.

- Dropped out, moved back in with my dad for 1 year.

- Moved to Brainerd, MN.  Lived there for 2 years.

- Moved to St. Cloud, MN.  Lived there for 3 years.

- Went to SCSU for a semester.  Dropped out.

- Moved to Minneapolis, MN in 2002.  Lived here ever since.


At UMD I just had way too much fun.  Milaca is a small town with not much to do.  Both my parents were teachers so if I was bad over the weekend they heard about it first thing Monday morning.  So when I went to college I just kind of went wild!  Big city, pretty girls, beer and other fun things - it was an amazing, great, fun time for me.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't stop.  Well, I could stop going to class and doing homework - it was everything else I couldn't stop.  I met a lot of cool people and I miss them a lot.  Sean Gort in particular (miss ya buddy!), who taught me all about "punk rock" and got me into Screeching Weasel, The Nobodys, The Queers, and tons of other great music I had never heard before.


When I moved in with my dad I got a job at Grand Casino Mille Lacs, about a 45 minute drive from Milaca (gas was like 90 cents back then so whatevs.)  I basically went to work at midnight to 8am and then played video games when I got home.  I turned 21 and became a bit of an alcoholic, downing a tumbler of bacardi limon in one drink and then chasing with mountain dew, then sitting back and let the alcohol slowly take me away.  Decided I needed a place of my own so I moved to Brainerd, which was almost just as far to Grand Casino only going south instead of north, and lived above the Power Loon radio station. 


Brainerd was great fun:  camping, swimming and a lot of drinking.  Eventually I got sick for a week and got fired from Grand Casino.  Unfortunately there's no job market (unless your parents own a business up there.) around Brainerd (at least at the time.)  So I became a cart pusher at County Market.  Lol, it sucked, I would be pouring sweat by the end of the day if it was summer or freezing to death in the winter.  I began hanging out at this new place called the Eclectic Cafe right after I moved there.  It was like a place for all the "outcasts" to hang out.  I met so many great people through there!  Met a great guy named Jason Ohman when I worked at the Casino who liked punk rock and drinking, two things I also liked, so he, his girlfriend and I began to hang out a lot up there and eventually moved in together.  It was like a bohemian flophouse, that place.  Over the course of a year like 8 different people moved in and out of it.  Ohman eventually had to go live with his mom, so I made some new friends like Matt Majka who introduced me to tons of people.  I miss them so much.


While up there I felly madly in love with this girl, and one day she said she was going to try out for this play, and that I should go to.  I thought it would be a perfect "in" with her so I did, thinking I'd get a small part.  I got the lead role lol!  Dracula in Braham Stoker's Dracula put with the local community theater company (it was fall so it was a halloween production.)  I never did hook up with her, but I hooked up with 2 of the other cast members!  Ahhhh, good times and lots of fun.


I eventually had to move out of the bohemian flophouse and so I was offered a place to live in St. Cloud with 2 brothers, Damon and Ethan Kalor.  Nice guys, we had lots of fun, continued to drink a lot and threw a lot of dance parties rofl.  They were in a band called Nothing Jive About Jupiter.  The bassist, Jess Semens, went to art high school in the cities.  Earlier that year I went to Guttermouth and the Nobodys at the Foxfire in Minneapolis (miss that place) and a band called Ohm opened up for them.  It was kind of a screamo punk band, back before there was screamo.  Anyways, Jess started dating the guy Steph, who was the lead singer in Ohm, so the first time I met him I recognized him and said, "You were great opening up for Guttermouth and the Nobodys."  I thought that was one of the stranger coincidences in my life.  But wait, it gets stranger.  He used to come up to our house and sleep on our floor, party with us, hell of a nice guy.  He started another band called Building Better Bombs and used to play the Java Joint with Nothing Jive a few times.  He then went on to be in a rap group called Cenospecies, which was pretty awesome.  He later became P.O.S.  I guess that's my "I knew him before he was a star" story.  He came through the gas station I used to work at a few times over the last few years, but I don't think he remembers me.  Can't blame him, he's probably met thousands of people since becoming such a huge success.  But he was always super nice every time, never has an ego or anything.  I'm truly happy for him and his success.


Well anyways I eventually moved out of that place into a huge house with 7 other guys.  They were all college students, and I worked overnights at Walgreens on Division.  Almost every weekend they'd throw parties to make money for rent.  Huge parties, 2 kegs of icehouse (not a good idea, ever, to give a bunch of young kids 2 kegs of icehouse, by the way...)  Met a lot of people, didn't like any of them really.  The roommates were cool, but it seemed they were asshole magnets, and there were people breaking shit and getting in fights every weekend (2 kegs of icehouse probably helped with that, hehe.)  I met a lot of girls, though, so it wasn't all bad.


I wanted to go back to school, so I started going to SCSU.  I bought my first computer with the money they gave me!  I still have the original harddrive to this day - a Maxtor 40 gig.  Everything else has been replaced 2 or 3 times, but that little harddrive just won't give up, lol.  Anyways, I thought I could work overnights and go to school, but it was just too taxing on me and I got really sick the 2 weeks leading up to spring break.  After it was over, I just didn't go back.


My brother started to go to SCSU at this time, and his second year we moved in together with 2 other guys who were pretty cool.  We had some great parties.  I started hanging out with my manager of all people from Walgreens, he was a couple years younger than me, in the army, didn't do drugs or anything, completely straightedge, but we still hit it off and had some great times.  He was going to be shipped off to some country to fight last I heard from him (10 years ago almost), I hope he's alright and, like, die or anything...


Damon had moved to the Twin Cities after I lived with him, and he kept telling me to move down there, he'd get me a job, etc.  So finally in 2002 I did just that.  Got a job at Deja Vu, which is a lot shittier than you'd think it was hahaha.  Got in a lot of fights, did a lot of bullshit that you would never have to deal with Unless you worked in a strip club.  But the money was great, with tips I probably was making 20-25 bucks an hour.  I had stacks of one dollar bills so thick that you could barely squeeze them together end to end.  Looking back I wonder where it all went?  There was a DJ there named Brandon VanVliet who made a small film called Up North with his film company Restraining Hollywood.  I had an idea for a film and he loved it so we started filming it that summer.  I taught myself  how to edit it in Final Cut Pro (very much like Acid Pro so not much of a problem) and edited the entire hour long movie "People Talk" in 2005.  Also edited several music videos and other small things while I was with Restraining Hollywood.


Quit the company, got fired from the Vu, lost contact with all my friends, started a job at this gas station which sucked.  It's like my entire life changed within the span of a month, and I had to start over from scratch.


As much as I hate to say it, working at that gas station allowed me to meet a lot of new people and make a lot of new friends.  I met Dustin Duffy and Kari Jo Rod - Dustin has recorded vocals for my music on 2 tracks (first being my birthday in 08 - great birthday present!), he's mastered 2 albums for me, I'm in a band with him called Precious Metals, and we kinda just jam out sometimes doing 3 or 4 hour sets we like to call the Kodiak Sessions.  Kari had 2 great art shows called Relentless Gallery, which combined artists, musicians, and other local talented people.  They were a lot of fun.  Esten Staab worked at the gas station for a while, he's the guy who started Precious Metals with Dustin, and then was kind enough to ask me to join.  Vosa Em worked there for a while, he's an incredibly talented singer/guitarist.  We started a band called Agent Empire and have been sitting on a 13 track album for a few years now.  Eric Presnell loved video games, movies, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones as much as I did and we had some great discussions about shit.  Never met a person who loved Twisted Metal more than me until I met him lolol.  Lolly Remel and Joleen Shultz have been two great friends as well.


It's just so funny how different my life was when I graduated high school.  I wanted to be an actor, I never really experienced life, I was bad at talking to people, especially girls, I barely even drank a beer.  Completely sheltered, lol.


Other points in my life:

- Started making music in 2002 using Acid Pro.  Shown to me by Sean Mueller.

- Co-wrote/co-directed/co-casted/acted, edited and made music for "People Talk" in 2005.  Brandon VanVliet made it possible.

- Started making music in 2007 using Reason.  Shown to me by Dustin Duffy.

- Started making websites and artwork for various stuff:

- - My music

- - Dynasty Warriors (I was a huge fan)

- - Anarchy Online things (MMO I played for 6 years)

- - Restraining Hollywood

- - Myspace

- - Facebook

- - Zazzle

- - Squidoo


and it just all kind of came together into this culmination of creativity.  That's what this website is, one giant creative output for me.  Hope you enjoy it!






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