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BlackOgre Online now comes with it's own WordPress!  Yay!  Wish I would of found out I could do that a long time ago.  I'm somewhat apprehensive with new technology, but then I force myself to do it and I realize I 100% embrace it.  So why am I apprehensive to begin with?

My WordPress includes:  Zazzle item updates from my 1 of 5 stores, I've Been BeZaZZled updates when I make a new Squidoo (new issue every week!), dorky nerd humor that I like and dorky nerd humor that I make.  I'm kind of a dorky nerd... but with a sense of humor at least!


Check out all the artwork I've done over the years.  Strange, surreal, crazy, cool!  But I have also made some images for various groups and/or companies as well.  I can make high-quality, professional-looking pieces and am very proficient with Photoshop, Imageready, and Illustrator.  I am also good with Apophysis and Bryce 6.  These images are a bit old, I've done them over the course of the last 8 years.  If you want to see my newest creations, visit my BlackOgre Online SuperStore.

These pages are currently under reconstruction.


I make electronica using Reason 4, Acid Pro, Cool Edit Pro, and some other little programs with vsts.  I have over 100 songs free for download and also 4 free albums on my website.  You can also hear my next album "Please Insert Me" on the main page of my Skagnetti website.  I have been making music since 2001, 10 years now, and have found a true happiness in creating various blips and beeps set to beats.  I have previously released an E.P. called "Feels Like 0" back in 2008.  I took a slight hiatus afterwards to do other nerd stuff, but have recently come back to it and am finishing up PIM and almost finished with another album.  Check me out!


I have 5 Zazzle stores at the moment:  BlackOgre Online SuperStore, which has over 23,000 products and varies from hilarious to abstract to just plain weird.  A little something for everyone.  Then there's PlaidWorkz, which I created at the start of 2010.  Over 150 plaid designs on ties, binders, shoes, business cards and other things, with vibrant colors and crazy color schemes, the evolution in plaid is here!  I am using the money I make here to help fund the independent release of my music.  (Read More.)


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I use to be a part of an independent film company.  Together we made a movie called "People Talk" and also some music videos for big name acts around Minneapolis such as Black Flood Diesel and LIKEHELL.  I have also made some music videos for my electronica.  I know Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. 



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