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-Fixed up links on Arcade, deleted dead links.

-Added new stores to stores.


6 months ago

-Been a while since I've updated.  Updated the store, updated the youtube videos, added some new youtube videos, changed the blog link to a Wordpress link, because I like Wordpress more than blogger, recently redid skagnetti website so I had to change the links on this site to correspond to that one, my Illusionary line got deleted so I had to cut links to that, checked all videos, all links, almost finished with store area, got 5 stores now, been busy busy, changed text to better reflect that, added blog link on homepage.

-to come:  artwork page never was changed, lol, whoops!  edit:  made alphabetical pages on wordpress and uploaded all my artwork there.  changed all the links to artwork to go there.

also addthis links not on all pages, lol, whoops!  pictures may pop in the old site style, will change soon.  some of the blackogre arcade games aren't working anymore, cutting the ones that are not.  if you are having troubles playing them, and/or also youtube videos, update your java.  about me never finished, pictures of me never link to pop into a larger version.  facebook and zazzle have changed my life, i hardly ever go on any of these sites anymore.  sorry for all delays and broken links.  will try to keep track of everything from now on.


More than 6 months ago

-Changed this site, completely overhauling it.  Last one was way cluttered and getting hard to navigate.  I have opted for a simpler style.  So far so good.

-Fixed all youtube videos

-Added youtube quicklist and index.  They are no longer listed on the homepage.

-Added sites and sounds page, with offsite and onsite lists as well.  These are no longer listed on the homepage.

-Generally making this website easier to navigate, and will be adding content after everything is updated.

-started redoing my DJ.Skagnetti Website.  Got kinda far then decided to take a break.  Will update when "Please Insert Me" gets released.  Working on it!  yah yah I know it's been a year.

-Added Spastikwax

-updating Zazzle Quicklist here and there.

-Started new album called "Heartships", name may change.  More Justice/Daft Punk dancy stuff than glitchy or slow songs.

-Have gone crazy on zazzle and now have 12,000 products in 1 store and started a new one called PlaidWorkz, which is all plaid designs.

-Added Zazzle Quicklist which will eventually take place of store

-Added Onsite pages Shortnews, Surf The Channel, Evony, You Paint a Pretty Picture, Demotivators, Fall Of The Republic, A List Of CIA Atrocities

- opened store, updated store, links to stuff on zazzle, as of today all stuff is current.  store still under construction, need to do next category etc.

- finally did t2 page, nothing special, a lot of his stuff is no longer on youtube so kind of a pain in the ass to find embed codes

- some youtube movies are down or altered, a couple ass vids, a couple moy moy vids don't have audio or are deleted, crazy subway lady was down so i found a new one with subtitles.  amazingly enough all the house of cosbys are still up.  will fix the rest soon.

- the obama conspiracy link on google video was broken.  found a new version.

- finished King In The Castle v.4.0, began work on Dungeon Hunter but then got bored and found the Fall From Heaven 2 mod for Civ 4.  i'm so addicted, i hate that game for how much time i've spent playing it.

- google search seems to work about as well as shaking a broom at a broken lamp to fix it.

- lots of code 404s, i dunno what people are searching for, but i finally got 1 feedback about an old version of a site that i forgot to take down, so i made redirects on it.  if you've hit a code 404, please tell me about it.

- Please Insert Me still getting mastered. 

- Updated the top10 list for january and march.  I'll get feb and april up soon.

- added The Obama Deception external link.  They just keep getting scarier....

- added dinosaur neil terrorizes newscaster to youtube videos

- added Craig Ferguson 4/20 Late Late Show Opening Song to youtube videos

- added Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April external link.

- working on hard on tshirt designs, will get them into the store soon

- uploaded King In The Castle v2 and almost ready for v3.

- added colored link:, category:  Offsite Page, category:  Onsite Page, and category:  YouTube Vidz for flava

- added Colbert Roasts Bush to youtube vids, it's really funny, but kinda old now.

- added ZEITGEIST link.  a movie everyone should watch.

- added The Breakup to youtube vids, because its hilarious.

- uploaded King In The Castle v1 and updated page to that.

- started store up, now have only tshirts, but more to come.

- put tshirt link on onsite skagnetti page

Within the last 60 days

- myspace can have 10 songs now, so uploaded some more tracks to my music page.  i replaced older versions of 3 songs with their new versions, and added X, Imogenesis, NeoTokyo, and BloodEye.

- updated blog on skagnetti site, something i should do more often.

- updated skagnetti site for 'please insert me', added pics and vids from the album, changed a few things around.

- put a topper coming soon thing on all my myspaces.  they link the correct myspace, djskagnetti4.  the one on djskagnetti4 links to my skagnetti website, where they can listen to my whole album 'please insert me', which is currently being mastered.



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