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DJ.SkagNetti Has Inserted!

or..  Please Buy Please Insert Me!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Well, it's a lot sooner than a year like the last one.  I released Please Insert Me on May 28th, 2013 like planned.  Haven't really sold as many as I would like, but it's only been 2 weeks.  I wasn't really expecting to get rich quick, get signed by major labels or anything that far-fetched, but a few more copies in people's hands would be awesome.  But, again, it's only been 2 weeks.


Did advertising for it on FaceBook, maybe you saw it in your sidebar if you don't have Addblock Plus?  Ran that about a week, got some new likes for my fan page but that's about it.  I got it up on Nimbit, BandCamp, and did the ReverbNation thing that adds it to, supposedly, 44 places for online sales.  Did CDBaby so people can order a solid copy of it to sell in their stores, and they also added it to places for online sales.  Became a member of ASCAP through CDBaby, well still waiting on the confirmation.  So then I can sell my music to movies and tv shows.  Did MusicSUBMIT's 400 plan where they send it to 400 blogs, podcasts, emagazines, and other things.  Not much heard from any of them, but I guess it takes up to 60 days.  I guess I should of done all this 2 months ago, but I'm still learning.  Also MarsBands.com did a review on it and they liked it, they are promoting it on their site and their social networks.  Still no sales.


This is about the time that severe doubt should be setting it, but I'm still optimistic.  It's only been 2 weeks (keep telling yourself that, dude...) and it's hard getting the word out to people.  I've had a few sales, and a few more people telling me they will buy it.  So, you know, it would be nice to at least make the money I spent on advertising back.  But it's only been 2 weeks (LOL) and this thing can make me money for life, like my Zazzle stores.  They didn't sell shit the first 2 years I had them up, but last year (my 5th year of having them up) in November-December I did the best I've ever done, and have surpassed every month from the previous year except May this year, often doubling or tripling sales.  Anyways, not to brag or anything, just saying that it could always pick up later.  Maybe it will get popular in 5 years lol.


Been submitting press releases to online electronica magazines, but nobody has got back to me yet.  Asked Vita.MN and City Pages if they would review it, neither have got back to me.  Other than that nobody's got back to me.  Lol, it's like I'm the uncle nobody likes.


I might go to Pitchfork in Chicago.  Maybe I'll make up flyers or business cards and pass them out to people there.  That would be cool, little down and dirty DIY.


Besides all that noise I've been updating this website.  Added new pages for BattleStations!, ME AND YOU, The Freestyle Show, 2Puppets, Evan LeFavor, The Kodiak Sessions, Agent Empire, Precious Metals, and Dungeon Hunters.  Updated all pages, taking out this shitty comment box I had at the bottom of some of the pages.  Cleaned up a lot of pages, with old info and other things I should not have said rofl.  Redid the sidebar picture links, some of them were not in the same style as Video and Albums because I had a computer crash and I forgot to save my fonts when I did a clean reinstall.  So I lost whatever that round fat video game looking font was, but I found another very similar to it and redid them all, including the ones that were completely different fonts.  It all looks much better now.  A strain on the eyes, maybe, but at least it grabs you by the face and says, "Pay Attention!"  Or maybe they're ugly.  But that's the beauty of having my own website, I don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks and that's the way they're staying.  Mwhahahahaha.


Also put the box at the bottom of the pages, fashioning it after my friends at MMYV when they redid their website (and several hundreds of other websites who decided that putting a big black box at the bottom of the page with a bunch of links and contact information was the norm.)  So I did it too.  I think it looks pretty good, but it was a pain in the ass doing it for every page.  The good thing is now I can just update the one picture where the copyright date is, instead of going through each page and changing the date in text.  Me smart sometimes.


Added a new download icon to the pages with downloads.  I like a lot better than the ugly music note monstrosity I had going before.  I don't know wtf I was thinking there.  That thing was ugly!


Artwork didn't hyperlink to the artwork page on this site but on the artwork page on my WordPress site.  I don't know why that was, but now that's fixed.


Added a QuickList Page instead of just popping up a new window when you clicked on QuickList, just so I could explain what they were and have links to all the other stuff I've done.  Also updated broken songs on my QuickList, updated the PlayList.com player for both QuickLists, and added 135 songs to QuickList B.  That was a pain in the ass and I don't want to do even look at that page anymore.


Added a Contact Page so now you can email me right from the site.  I found the code online and it works pretty awesome.  I'm happy with it.


Updated the index page, made it show Please Insert Me on the index page so people can buy it easily, and then made the old index page index2.  I might leave it like that for a while, 6 months or so, or until the next album comes out.


Some things I'm going to be working on:

Make a new NoobList with updated songs and also videos.

Update the Artwork Page with a bunch of artwork I found.

Maybe put some new stuff up on SoundCloud.

Keep submitting to online music magazines.

Send in CDs to radio stations to play my stuff.

Maybe get some more business cards, I've been out for a long time.

Add pages for Going Hostel and In 3 Dragon, two things I forgot to add the last update.

Scrape up cash to do Tracks And Fields.  Maybe I'll get lucky and get 10k for a song in a movie, or a sweet royalty deal.  Or maybe not.


Thanks for stopping by!  If you like my CD please buy it!  Or donate via the Donate button below through PayPal.  I really need the cash!  Times are tough, and I'm trying to make them better, and I can't do that without you.  You'll have my undying gratitude!



DJ.SkagNetti Gets You Ready For Insertion

or..  dropping May 28th Bombs!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Man, lol.  Almost a year later.  Ok well I haven't done much.  Haven't played shows.  Haven't gone anywhere cool.  Haven't had any of my music in awesome movies.  Haven't hit any glorious jackpots.

My life got pretty bad actually.  I couldn't find a job after I lost mine almost a year ago.  I eventually had to move home to my mom's.  Lol, I know, it's pathetic.  But for all the job hunting I did down in the cities (put out over 125 resumes, went from store to store around my apartment, went to all kinds of other stores around the area), I moved up here and put in an application on Thursday and the manager called me and hired me on Friday morning.  WTF, Minneapolis?

Well, without having to pay rent or bills it's all been profit, and I've been using that profit to fix the bad shit in my life.  Got my fines paid off finally and got my license back.  Got my car fixed, needed an alternator, a battery, and a new muffler.  Needs new tires and a new sunroof (the glass part broke off at the front while I was driving, swung over like it was on a hinge, and smashed across the top of my roof, so now I can't drive it when it rains.  LOL, it's like I live in a sitcom or something...), but at least it runs well.  Had some bad teeth, got them fixed.  Had some school loans in default, cut them in almost half.  Got some other small things taken care of, things that you don't even think of when you're starving to death because you're poor.  Things like:  a new pillow, had the same one for 10 years.  New shoes, new clothes, new keyboard, new mouse, new winter coat, and other shit.

So anyways, I'm doing pretty awesome now.  Things are actually pretty great.  Moving home was one of the best things that could have happened to me.  Thanks mom!

I work overnights at my new job, the only place open in a city of 3000 people.  It's really freakin boring, but I get paid to do nothing, so whatever!  After searching for almost 4 months straight I'd take shoveling shit in a circus.  I didn't care.  I settled for another gas station job.  Yah, it's for a corporate-owned franchise, and there's just a shitload of dumb little things they do that's different from my old job, a ton of paperwork for everything, but all in all it's a job and it works for right now.

"Please Insert Me" - yes, after almost 4 years of having this thing done I am finally going to release it in 10 days.  I have used ReverbNation to get it onto 44 different websites for sale and streaming.  I have upgraded my SoundCloud so I could have all the tracks up.  I plan to advertise it on FaceBook.  I also am going to send the single "That's The Sound" to radio stations.  I don't know the first thing about advertising or hype.  I'm not going to get physical CDs right away, it's going to be all digital until I can afford it.  I hope it's going to be a good "summer album" for people.  Many, many people who have heard the rough cut of it said they loved it.  Several friends on FaceBook have already said they are going to buy it.  Beyond that, crossing my fingers!

At the beginning of the year I contacted Dustin Duffy to help me finally finish it, and he was very nice and tolerant of my constant "could you increase the volume on this .2 decibels" and "could you extend the silence of the end of this track by 1.5 seconds."  LOL, I'm surprised he didn't just tell me to go fuck myself after the first week.  But we finally got it done!  I sent him my next album "Me And You" for him to listen, he seemed to like it.  It's still very very rough and needs a lot of work, but I hope to maybe release it at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014.

Updating this website right now.  Changed a ton of things, added a ton of things, it's a whole new site!  New download buttons for songs, new songs uploaded to the quicklist, new pages for new endeavors like 2puppets, Precious Metals, The Freestyle Show, Dungeon Hunters, and others.  I went through these news pages and found that all my links on them for the old posts were still in javascript popup code, and I have since gone to target="_blank" to popup new windows, so they didn't work.  So I fixed those.  I also fixed some broken links like the links to the old Restraining Hollywood website which is now done by somebody else and has completely changed from when I did it.  I also added some small notes of things that changed since I originally wrote the update.

My FaceBook, SoundCloud, Youtube, ReverbNation and Pinterest are doing very well, better than they ever were last year.  My Zazzle store almost did 5 times the profits last November-December than from the previous year, and, except of March maybe, I've pretty much doubled or tripled all sales from 2012 each month.  Not bad =)!

Had to start over on the music video for "Defloration", but my computer is showing it's age and I need an upgrade.  Adobe Premiere keeps freezing up on me, so I don't think I can do anything video-wise until that happens.

Made several new songs for "Me And You" and updated several old ones.  It's still rough but coming along nicely.

Been addicted to Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, a game over 12 years old.  Why can't I stop playing this old shitty game?  It's just too damn fun.

I made a bunch of mixes called BattleStations.  They are up on this site now.

All in all, I'm happy with where my life is right now, how much I've completed over the last 8 months since moving home, and I'm just gushing with anticipation over the new album and where my music is going.  I'm hoping 2013 is my year!


DJ.SkagNetti Has Done Some Stuff

or..  I need to get on this more often...

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Man, I just have a hard time doing updates.  Well, let's see, I've done quite a lot since my last post below.  Still get sidetracked haha.

Please Insert Me - man, I really need to get on that.  Dustin Duffy of Apis Records (the guy who is mastering it) did finish mastering it, but he lost the notes I made for the final cut, and we need to go through it again.  We did drive to Wisconsin together and we listened to it on the way, it was almost perfect!  That's The Sound really stood out, it was excellent.  There were a few minor changes that were needed but the dang thing is almost almost almost.... I realize I sound like a broken record, and to tell you the truth I haven't been really that focused on getting this thing done.  In the post below I said I was serious, obviously I wasn't.  I just have so much going on.  I'm on facebook, then I'm on zazzle, then I'm really into a game and play for ages (Skyrim sucked up a huge chunk of time late last year and again this year after mods started coming out for it), then I'm editing video, cleaning up websites, making artwork, making new songs, chasing a girl (usually ending in failure), playing in Precious Metals, Kodiak Sessions, and more!  Well, here's how it breaks down:

FaceBook - I met a slew of people mid last year through a girl who came through where I worked.  I made a group called Celebrating the VSUs (Vague Status Updates), they all joined, and we are all pretty great friends now, having regular parties where we all get together and have fun.  The group copies and pastes our friend's vague status updates (leaving out their name, of course) and we laugh at them.  Here is a bunch that I put on my WordPress.

I also started a few other groups:  Bad Album Covers - where you pick a random wikipedia article (band name), a random flickr picture (cover art), and a few words from a random quote (album title) and then put them all together in photoshop to make a random album cover.  Pretty great results.

The Ultimate Most Awesomest - It was kind of a social experiment - Add all my friends, give the group a vague title and don't tell them what to post or what to do in it, and just see what they do.  It's kind of turned into a reddit or toned down 4chan b, lots of macro posts and links to youtube videos, and the group just continues to grow.  Pretty happy with the results.

Uploading Stupid Pictures and Tagging Val Kilmer In Them - basically, you upload a picture (any picture) and then tag Val Kilmer in it (anywhere.)  Hilarity ensues.

Zazzle - I now have 8 stores.  My main store does pretty well, it could always do better, but I'm surprised at how much I sell out of it, not being a clip art expo, lame holiday cash-in garbage or wedding invitation bonanza.  I got banned from the forums for some reason, like my whole ip got banned, not just my account... of course they didn't tell me why, but everyone in those forums are assholes anyways, so fuck it.  My stores are all listed on the Links page.  Check em out and buy something - I'm unemployed and hurting for cash!

Unemployment - My boss hired a new manager who took my dayshift job, put me on nightshift, cut my hours, antagonized me, yelled at me, and was generally an asshole so I would quit.  I didn't quit because I realized he was goading me just so I would blow up at him and then he'd have a reason to fire me.  So I played along, frantically looking for another job in the meantime.  Then, out of the blue, he fired me, citing "I wasn't doing enough work."  Bullshit, I did as much work as everyone else, I worked at that place for 7 fucking years, I knew it inside and out, I ran the dayshift by myself for 3 years.  They just wanted everybody out so they could bring in their friends, one big asshole family.  So now I'm looking for a job but just can't seem to find one.  Really hurting for money, luckily my family and friends are helping me out a bit.  Hopefully something happens soon, as I'm pretty behind on rent and everything else.

I've played a few games over the last year, and picked up a few old ones and got hooked again.  Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is so much fun still, couldn't believe how much I missed that game.  Sins of a Solar Empire, Elemental War of Magic (despite it crashing every 5 minutes), Kindoms of Amalur Reckoning (Amazing game), Skyrim (played to death, can't even look at it anymore) and recently, since I can't buy Diablo 3 because I'm poor, I started playing Titan's Quest again, although I'm a 4th of the way through Epic mode and have burnt myself out again.  Got the Witcher 2, I played it last year and thought it was pretty fun (and damn hard) and burnt myself out on it, but now a new version has come out and I'm thinking of getting back into it.

Beyond that I started a ReverbNation just this past month, pretty cool site!  I made a SoundCloud for Agent Empire and also made a website with a playlist of all the songs (haven't released that album either.)  I have released several new songs through DJ.Skagnetti, but music with me right now is hit or miss, kind of feel like I lost that old magic.  Sometimes I go months without making a song and then make like 5 in a row.  Or I start one and then hit a wall and don't know what to do with it, so I start another.  I have about 50 unfinished songs, but don't know what to do with them.  Some are pretty good, I have them up on SoundCloud and ReverbNation, check em out.

Playlist.com decided for some reason to make playback only available on their website, so no more auto playing playlist on the frontpage.  People can still click on it and go there, just isn't the same though.  So I'm starting to look for something else.

Started a FaceBook FanPage for DJ.Skagnetti.  Also got on Pinterest, Google +, and some other social networking sites.  All links to my stores and websites are under Links, all social media sites are under Social.  Check em out, friend me or whatever their variation is.

Made a commercial for my Zazzle store, using one of my newer songs, well parts of it at least.  My music plays while artwork in the store changes to the beat.  Used Adobe Premiere cs4 to edit it.  Check it out.

Started making a music video for Defloration, it's coming along well, but I may have to start over because I screwed up the initial size ratio.

Made a video for my friend Esten, who's in Precious Metals with me.  He recorded it and recorded the audio and I just put them together in Premiere for him.  Turned out pretty good.  Check it out.

Precious Metals is coming along nicely, we got a practice space by St. Paul and try to meet every week at least once to jam.  It's great to be able to play all night and all day, as loud as we want.  Hopefully we will start playing shows at the end of the summer.  No songs up yet, but here's our SoundCloud.

Got a SoundCloud for the Kodiak Jam Sessions, edited some songs up and Dustin Duffy put them up.  Not bad.  Check it out.

Dustin and a guy by the name of Evan LeFavor started a show called 2 Puppets, which are 2 vulgar puppets who do a live Ustream show almost every Saturday.  It's pretty funny.  I haven't been to a couple of them, but when I do go I usually play background music for the show.  Evan LeFavor is also a pretty amazing freestyler, so Dustin and I jam out like in the Kodiak Sessions, he plays something, I sample it and then he plays something else and I sample it, mixing together the samples over a nice sexy beat, and Evan raps over it.  Never done anything like it before, it's pretty fun to do.  I also called into the show once pretending to be David Bowie, and we had a nice conversation. 


Good times - Check out the UstreamThis has both the 2Puppets Live show and the Freestyle Jams.

Beyond that, just had a lot of free time since I was fired, too much free time to tell you the truth.  Updated my site black-ogre.com, and started updating this one (left a lot of things unfinished.)  Zazzled my face off for the first couple months of the year and have burnt myself out on that.  They just keep adding products so I have to keep going back and putting all my designs on the new stuff.  It's just time consuming, but nice to have a big variety of products to sell.  I have also started redoing descriptions and tag words for all the products.  Facebooked my face off as well.  I spend entirely too much time on there.  My free WordPress got shut down because I was making too many backlinks to my Zazzle store.  A bullshit reason if you ask me, kinda didn't really need it otherwise.  But, by a bizarre twist of luck, my hosting service Powweb, whom I have been with since black-ogre.com's inception back in 2002, offers a free WordPress hosting, so I transferred all my files to that and now I can put up whatever the fuck I want.  It's also easier for me to put up artwork because it auto thumbnails everything and I don't have to make new pages and 2 sizes of the picture for every picture I want to show.  So I have linked all my artwork links to my WordPress now, it's divided into alphabetical sections because there's just a ridiculous amount of artwork I've done over the course of the last 10 years.  Been going on MySpace of all places to add friends lately rofl.  ReverbNation adds them to your pool of overall fans and it helps with your ranking (currently I'm #11 in Minneapolis for Electronica), so I've been adding a bunch because it's a lot easier now than it was 7 years ago.  Myspace took away my uploading privileges after I downloaded a bunch of youtube videos and put them up under my djskagnetti2 profile.  After getting flagged one too many times that was it, but the thing that sucks about it is that you couldn't upload music either, not just videos.  So I couldn't even use the music profile for what it was intended, it was pretty worthless to me then.  So I made another, djskagnetti4.  That's why I have 2 myspace music profiles.  I'm actually pretty sure I have a djskagnetti3 as well, but I have looong since forgotten the password and don't even bother.  Man that was a long time ago.  Anyways, I recently found out I can upload music again to the djskagnetti2 music profile, so testing the waters, put up about 6 songs about a day ago, one made it through but the rest say "Processing" still. 

Oh, and I did finally release an album - Traitor of the 9 Moons.  Download it for free now!  Check it out.

So yah, don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years.  Just not necessarily updating this site, or, you know, actually finishing anything I started, but I'm still here.  The Sidetrack King, ladies and gentlemen!  But I am Hoping that we get Please Insert Me released soon, maybe in the fall of this year?  And the Agent Empire, and my next album (I'm thinking an EP called Me and You), and Precious Metals, and Kodiak Jams, that stuff should all be released soon too, and I'd really like to get a premium account at Track and Field so I can try to sell my music, too.  And I need a girlfriend rofl!  I dunno, I need a job bad, so everything is on hold until I get my shit straight.  Until then, have a fantastic one, ok seeya!


DJ.SkagNetti returns from the dead

or..  Welcome back, Skagger

Saturday, March 5th 2011

Hey, hey, everybody!  I'm back!  Well, I never left, but I haven't really done anything with this website until now.  I'm totally redoing the whole thing.  I started doing it last year but then I got sidetracked!


Man, it's been a long time since I updated this news section!  The entry below was about March 2009!  I'm going to start dating these.


Damn...Well, I did finish Please Insert Me, and it's almost done being mastered!  I should probably release it very very soon!  This time I'm serious!


I worked on another album all last year, on and off, it is almost done too, so maybe in 5 years I'll release that one ROFL.


I got hooked on Zazzle!  I'm a creating machine!  Check out my store if you get a chance =)


Agent Empire still on hold, need a song redone.  I don't know if we will ever release it.  Would be cool, though.


Joined a new band called Precious Metals.  It's really cool, we've been working on a lot of music.  I play a Roland keyboard and also do some stuff on a chaos pad.  It's fun learning new gizmos and working outside a computer for a while, learning all kinds of tricks.


Jamming with Dustin Duffy, we've recorded maybe 14 hours worth of music?  We call them the Kodiak Sessions.


So yah, I see it as you don't hear anything about me for 2 years and then all of a sudden you are bombarded with music until your face falls off.  Enjoy it when it hits!


DJ.SkagNetti ripples the water

or..  Ignore me until I go away!

I just don't get some people.  It's crazy how we're all different, but the same. 


February was a bad month for me.  We had to pay a bunch of fees for various reasons, and I was really strapped for cash.  Then my car got towed after that big snowstorm at the end of February, and I had to pay 280 bucks more.


Beyond all that, it gets even worse.  i was seeing this girl and her birthday was on valentine's day.  i know, right?  but it went well, until this guy broke out this 18% beer that tasted like whiskey.  I got just rediculously wasted and the room was spinning and it was either pass out or throw up.  i passed out in her bed, and everyone was like who is that guy in your bed, whats going on here?  rofl i felt like such an asshole, but couldn't help it.  i definately couldnt of driven home.  anyways that wasnt such a big deal.  but a week later my 500 gig harddrive, a harddrive that contained about 8 years of my life, died inexplicably for no reason.  just stopped working.  i tried to get it fixed, but they couldnt do it, so now i have to take it to a cleanroom someplace and spend 500-1500 to get the data off it.  Most of it i have online or someplace else, but for all of my music, all my reason and reason refills were on there, plus like a billion other samples n things, i have all my save files still, but they point to samples that were on drive F, which is not there anymore, and thus i'm fuckoed. 


now the girl who's birthday was on valentine's day has disappeared it seems.  doesnt answer calls, doenst return calls, she used to come through my work all the time, last week she came through, she was distant, awkward, standoffish.  this week she didnt come through at all.  came thru once since and talked for like 10 seconds and left.  i like you a lot, Jess, but i don't know what you want me to do.  So i give up.


Well I do have some good news - 'Please Insert Me' is completely finished and being mastered right now (march 09.)  It has 3 songs on which I sing, 'That's The Sound', 'Sometimes People Don't Get Better', and 'Drowning, Not Waving.'  The rest is very Daft Punkish, or a better one would be Digitalism, if you know them.  It's all over the place, some glitch some ambient some just weird shit, but mostly songs that really grab your attention and make your brain melt.


DJ.SkagNetti needs more lemon pledge

or..  Hey!  it's later!

I just watched Hancock on my computer.  It's alright I guess.  What a twist...


Yesterday was the 4th of July, happy 4th of July.  I went to work at 9 am with no plans.  Then my friend Esten was in town and he stopped by.  So we made plans to drink.  Then my co-worker went home sick.  So I had to stay until 8pm.  Then Chris shows up around 6pm and tells me I've got a show to play that night.  Chris is the man who put together the 10 Second Film Festival.  I had told him I wanted to do the show a couple weeks ago, I was 100% behind it, but I had no idea it was last night.  I thought it was later in July, like in the 20s.  So he came and picked me and my gear up at like 8:30, and we went over to cedar riverside, to the Soap Factory.  I set up and we waited until the fireworks over the river were finished and I pressed play.  My job was 'pit band', when people won an award for their 10 second film, I played music while they came up to the stage.  It was an awesome show, Ian from Drinking With Ian was there mcing.  Everyone was drinking, laughing at the 10 second shorts that played, and having a great time.  All in all, there was 2500 people there, my biggest show to date.  Fucking scary, but 2500 more people now know the name Skagnetti.


But anyways I got my CDs, 100 of them, April 12th, almost 2 months ago now.  I sold out of CDs right away, almost 3 weeks after I got them, then the second shipment got screwed up and was missing for 3 weeks almost before I got them, almost all of May.  But I finally got them and have about half left now, July 5th, 2008.  I must say about the CD, the artwork looks amazing, like a photograph almost.  Amazing color quality, not grainy at all.  The CD is just the way I wanted it too, all the right pauses, all the right levels.  I couldn't be more happier with it.  Please buy it at 28th and Lyndale Ave South or Treehouse Records.  Or online to the left.  Thanks to everyone who bought it!  My next one is almost finished, and the Agent Empire CD is almost finished as well.


We got a way better condenser mic and decided to redo a lot of the vocals for our Agent Empire songs.  Everything sounds even more amazing now.  Vosa and I are hard at work getting this bastard released.

I played that show I mentioned below, the crazy experimental show, in May, like I said I was going to.  It was at the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkeytown.  I opened for Tart and Snowflakes.  It was an awesome show, though I had a few fuckups.  O well


Didn't get on the radio, though, because the station just got shut down.  I was hoping I could do that =(


On June 18th I played a show at the 400 Bar with Nobot and HumanBoy.  Was really fun, wish more people would of came.


The alpine thing I placed 36th out of 500 bands, something like that, I need to update this shit more often cause I forget these things.  But it was in the 35-38 range, and the number of bands was 400-600, so there.


I just want to say thanks to all the people who have bought my CD.  I am in your debt.  Well not really, but I really really appreciate it =)!!


Beyond that working on Please Insert Me and Agent Empire disk 1 and doing skits and backgrounds for Vosa's funk album, getting a tan and shaving my head, buying pants.  Pants!


Congrats to These Modern Socks on releasing a really awesome album, I wish the person who stole it from me would give it back.


Congrats to Chris and everyone who was involved in the 10 Second Film Festival.  I know where I'm going every 4th from now on.  It was way fun!


Congrats to Christopher McGuire on his new band.  Sorry I missed your show man!


Congrats to me on having my roommate move out!  I hated that bitch.


Cops on offroading Segways are Awesome!


DJ.SkagNetti is on the road to financial ruin!

or..  plz buy my f'ing cd (when it comes out)

I uploaded and payed for 100 copies of Feels Like 0 tonight.  It freaking took forever but finally the time has come!  10 days production, 7 days shipping - i dunno if i can wait that long.  I will be selling at Treehouse Records, Cheapo, and hopefully The Loon Express in Minneapolis.  I will also get an online site going for it.  Please buy my 62 minute EP for 7 dollars.  It's the deal of the century!


Other things that are new:  I am up for being put on a mixtape produced by Coast To Coast Mixtapes.  Nothing solid yet, but they want to use 'Defloration' which will be on my forthcoming album.  Its real fast punk techno.  It will burn you alive.


I will be on a local internet radio show sometime in May.  Further details when i know further details.


Also in May:  I will be a part of a really weird music show.  All really weird experimental music, like me! =)  more details when i know more details.


I'm currently hovering around 46 in this Alpine Contest, you may of seen my mass bulletins on MySpace.  Something along the lines of:

how to vote for me:
1)wait for flash movie to finish
2)begin your ex-10 experience
3)highlight artists with the remote
4)use remote to shuffle to DJ.SkagNetti
5)use remote to select song
6)underneath tv and info click 'vote for this track'
7)please vote for all my tracks kthx!!


If you have a chance click the banner above and vote for all my songs.  I would really appreciate it!


MRH88 released an album called 'Dangerous Sex: Movements Vol. 1' and I helped program some stuff on one of the tracks - 'MN8.'  Check out his myspace to hear it and then go buy his record!



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All donations are used towards CD duplication costs, music equipment and making it all better.  I really appreciate any assistance you can give!