I used to work at a gas station on 28th and Lyndale in Uptown, Minneapolis.  Workers came and went, and one day I came in and there was this new guy named Vosa working.  He was a musician, making tons of songs and recording them with a digital sixteen track he had.  I was working hardcore on music at the time, giving my tracks to Dustin Duffy, who also worked at the gas station.  Those were good times back then, just working and talking about music, playing CDs for each other, and just generally having an awesome time.  Anyways, Dustin played some of my stuff for Vosa, and Vosa asked me if I could make him something that he could try to play music over.  I kinda shrugged it off, I was doing my own thing.  I also had people asking me to make them beats all the time, and when I did they didn't do jack shit with them.  It's like, "Hey, glad I wasted my time doing that for free for you...."  Anyways, I finally said I would make him some stuff, but I kept putting it off and putting it off, and he kept bugging me about it.  Well finally I got sick of him asking, grabbed a bunch of songs that were kind of half done and gave them to him.  That was on a Friday.  On Monday he called me up and told me to come over and see what he had done.  So I, grudgingly, went over to his house and he played me the stuff.  It Blew Me Away!  I just couldn't believe it!  His guitar playing was amazing, I had heard from Dustin he was good, but I had no idea!  He had worked on 3 songs all weekend and they were almost finished (compared to the final product.)  So I was like, "WOW, Awesome Job Man!" and began to make more music for him.  Some faster, some slower, some just really weird to see if he could actually do anything with them, kind of like a test.  The kid was a machine!  He seriously can pick up anything and make it work, no matter how strange it is.  I'd say 95% of the stuff I gave him, no matter how glitch or just plain weird it was he could make something awesome out of!  And so we kind of started a band.  We figured out Agent Empire for a name, based on that I am Jack Skagnetti, a persona based on a character who was a cop in Natural Born Killers, and I make up the Agent part of it.  And Vosa's last name was Em, so Empire makes up his half of the group.  We made 13 tracks, I made some specifically for him to mess with, he gave me some that he had made specifically for me mess with ("see what you can do with it" was a phrase often uttered with us hehe), and we each have a song or two where the other kind of stood out for the duration.  It was so long ago now I'm not sure why we didn't finish it, I think he wanted to re-record the vocals for one of the tracks, but we just never got around to it.  Then we kind of fell out of friendship, screwed each other over as best we could, then made amends but never really got back into it afterwards.  So it kind of sits here in my lap, it's so good but it's just not completely completed.  Well, when you make music it never seems completed, but I just don't know where to go from here.  So I put it all up on soundcloud and made a small website for it.

Here's the album at about 95% done.


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