My QuickList is a quick way to find something you like.  I'd say about 90% of my music is up on it.  It comes with a handy player from PlayList.com so you can listen to anything you want before you download.  To download a song, right click the 'Download' link and save target as or whatever is similar on your computer.


There are two QuickLists for you to enjoy:

The first contains all of my free albums.  Every single song is listed, along with download links and also links to the entire album in a zip file.  The player plays them in succession, from my first album, Skagnetti on Skagnetti (2001) to Traitor of the 9 Moons (2012.)

The second list contains all of the unreleased stuff I've done - clocking in at just under 7 hours of free music over the course of 135 songs.  Some are finished, some are unfinished, none are mastered, but most still sound good.  Some were made for movies or tv shows but never used (or were used.)  Some are just a bunch of noises and not really music at all, ambient atmospheric stuff hehe.  Some are just a loop played over and over, this is how I usually make music - get one section down and then maybe a rough "chorus" and then repeat.  Then, as I listen to it over and over, I try to figure out what would sound good, make the song better, etc.   I might use some of these on an EP or something someday, if I do I'll add a lot more to them so they're not so repetitive, and of course get them mastered.  The QuickList lists them in alphabetical order, the player plays them in the same order.


Clicking on these pops them in a new window so you can listen without interruption while surfing.

QuickList A - All my free albums

QuickList B - All my other stuff


Note:  They are free to download and listen to but that's it.  You can't use them in anything without my permission.  They are mine, I made them.  Please be cool.  If you want to use one of them in something, you can of course ask and we can work something out.  Use my Contact Form to get in touch.  Thanks for not stealing!


I hope you like what you hear.  I, of course, have 2 albums for sale as well:

Feels Like 0

Please Insert Me


You can also listen to the rough cuts of my next album:

Me And You


And much more music that I've done with the bands I'm in and the shows on ?TV:

Precious Metals

Agent Empire

The Freestyle Show

The Kodiak Sessions



Some mixes I put together:



Check out Evan LeFavor freestyling over my stuff, and more things in the Videos section.


And of course keep an eye on my SoundCloud because I like to upload various rough cuts of things there.


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BlackOgre Online


Precious Metals


Agent Empire


The Kodiak Sessions



All donations are used towards CD duplication costs, music equipment and making it all better.  I really appreciate any assistance you can give!