Check out the hundreds of artwork designs I have made over the years.  A lot of it stems from just making websites that I wanted to make, but there is also a lot of production work I have done for other companies, such as Restraining Hollywood.


I worked with an independent film company a few years ago called Restraining Hollywood, which made strange little short movies with a very dark sense of humor.  We also shot a lot of video of bands and then I edited together.  Check out all the stuff here.


Websites, memes, strange stuff, games, occurrences, art and other things I have found on the web.  More to come when I find it!


I have created hundreds of designs and uploaded them to Zazzle and put them on hundreds of products.  Totally customizable, you can add text or change background colors or sizes of shirts or borders on a poster or size of the pic on a coffee cup - however you want to do it is up to you!  There are literally 1000s of combinations you could come up with.  Or if you like it just the way it is, keep it the way it is =)!  Amazing artwork - check out my ShatterLinez, PlaneScapez and SYSTEM lines.  Absolutely hilarious stuff - check out MalaBrute, Ye Dirty Olde Man Magazine, Come Get You Some and other funny things you just don't see on an everyday ordinary shirt/cup/poster/etc.  Think outside the box and get yourself something unique, stylish, and insane all wrapped into one.  All printed with high grade inks on quality clothing, paper, or whatever else you put it on.  Check It Out Sometime!


I have collected some of my favorite YouTube vidz and put them up to share with everyone else.  Check em, most of them made me laugh so hard I cried, some of them just kind of put you in a trance, you're so transfixed by what's happening.  I am a lover of Chaos - anything can happen at any time - and the stuff being put on YouTube are fine examples of 'WTF?'






Thanks For Stopping By My Website!

I have just released my album Please Insert Me, 70 minutes of great electronica, my first full-length release for sale.  I spent a lot of time on it, and there's a little bit of everything for everyone.  Take a listen and buy it please!  (Learn More)

I am DJ.Skagnetti, and I make electronica.  I have been making electronica since 2001, taking breaks here and there, but I'm still at it!  I have been doing much over the past few years.  I made an album with my friend Vosa Em called So Many Days In June by Agent Empire (Learn More).  I joined a band called Precious Metals and play synths, kaoss pads and samplers, things I never had any previous experience with, but have come to quite enjoy.  I may even get some stuff for myself and use it in my own music, but that's a little further down the line (Learn More)

I also made music with my friend Dustin Duffy who has helped produce, mix and master my tracks for my last 2 albums.  We just basically jammed, he would pick up a guitar or a bass or play a keyboard and I would sample it using a kaoss pad, and play synths myself, and we'd play over programmed beats or beats that I made.  We'd jam out for hours at a time, and we cut out some of the best bits to put up on soundcloud, calling it the Kodiak Sessions (Learn More).  Precious Metals had a practice space for a while, and for a couple months on the weekends we weren't practicing we'd shoot a fun little show called 2 Puppets.  It was 2 Puppets who were just vulgar and said pretty much whatever they wanted.  They had people calling into the show and other crazy stuff.  I played whimsical background music during the show, sampling keyboards and stuff with a kaoss pad (Learn More).  We'd also do a Freestyle Jam, where our friend Evan Lefavor, who was one of the voices of the 2 Puppets along with Dustin, would freestyle rap over beats that I made and we'd sample loops of keyboards and guitar over that, sending it out live over uStream (Learn More).  Awesome times all around, but unfortunately I had to move home because I lost my job in May 2012 and couldn't find another one for the life of me.

I have been making many songs lately:

I just put up 135 songs on the QuickList - listen to them all for free!  That's almost 7 hours of music.  (Learn More)

Second, I've worked on it on and of for 3 years, but my Next next full-length is pretty well put together now.  I will probably finish it up, have it mastered and it will be out Spring of 2014.  Some of the songs are on my soundcloud player above, check em all out (most say rough cut after them in parenthesis.)  I'd planning on calling it "Me and You."  (Learn More)

After 10 years of calling myself a DJ (I always just joke and say it stands for Digital Journeyman, Digital Jockey, or Dirty Jack), I finally started to make some mixes of my own.  I call them BattleStations, and they are full of electro/dubstep/breakbeat goodness!!  (Learn More)

I also made beats and melodies for some people who said they were going to freestyle over them, make songs out of them, or just use them for practice, but the only person who ever did anything with them was Evan Lefavor.  Thanks Evan!  (Learn More)

One of the songs I made for the next album is called Me And You and I used it to make a commercial for my Zazzle stores about a year ago.  (Learn More)

I'm a huge nerd, and I've been making a game in RMXP (a game that lets you make your own RPG game in the style of old-school nintendo and super nintendo games like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, but with 32-bit graphics.)  I have made a lot of original artwork for it and also a lot of original music.  I have no idea when I'll finish it.  (Learn More)

Beyond that, I've made just a bunch of odds and ends which I don't know if I'll ever use, or maybe someday I'll turn them into a masterpiece, or maybe I'll just throw them away.

Over the years my website has changed many times, ranging in motifs such as a movie star kind of thing to a top secret agent kind of thing to my last one - Guns Guns Guns - a gun wielding maniac kind of thing.  Lot's of people didn't get the Guns Guns Guns motif at all, which had various shaped guns for links and gun separators.  It was a joke, people!  The only thing I'll ever terrorize is your senses!

Now I've redone the entire site, bringing it in a whole new direction - Rainbowy Unicorns and Robots and Toys!  Because rainbowy unicorns and robots and toys is what my music is all about.  I've gone with a lot lighter colors than in previous incarnations, along with a lot of, uh, rainbowy unicorns and robots and toys.

I live just north of Minneapolis, MN, US.  I had some hard times so I'm back in my hometown, making some money and paying off some debts.  Need money.  Please give.

Beyond that if you like what you hear please support me.  Check out my videos to my songs.  And my ReverbNation, SoundCloud, FaceBook, and MySpace.  Check out my past albums.  Check out my artwork.  Check it all out!

Like what I'm doing?  Would you please donate to me to help me out with future CD duplication costs?  Thanks!!




Please Insert Me


More, more, more!  My first full-length album for sale, I really outdid myself.  This is but the beginning of my takeover of the music industry.



Traitor of the 9 Moons


Originally this was supposed to be for sale, a 2 CD set over 2 hours long, where each song blended into the next one.  I had it pretty close to finished when my hard drive crashed in '09.  I recently went through my entire website looking for all music I have uploaded, and found a lot of the songs that I had split into singles a long time ago.  It's not mastered, some were really blown out, so I normalized them and did the best I could, but here it is finally (9 years after I started it - The Traitor of the 9 Moons!



Feels Like 0


My first retail EP, 60 minutes long, packed to the brim with intriguing electronica.  First in a lot of things, first album I ever sold, first EP I ever made, first song I ever sang on, first time using Reason, and marked a gentle transition from Acid Pro to Reason, containing songs created with both programs.  Buy it off Nimbit for only $3.99!



Music To Drown Your Wife To


Check this one out, it's probably the best of all the free albums.  Each song title is a reference to an anime movie.  The title to the album itself is in reference to that angry rap rock shite that was so entrenched in our society around 2000-2004.

Click Here For More Albums!  


DJ.Skagnetti - F**k Like A Whisper


F*ck Like a Whisper - A very strange song, an even stranger video!  I made it with Adobe Premiere and the footage is from  This song is off my next album "Please Insert Me", due to be released May 28th, 2013.

To view other videos from "Please Insert Me" and other stuff I've done, click here!




New and Improved:  My QuickList for a Quick Fix!  Now with 7 hours of never heard before tunes!  Check it out and see what everybody in the entire world is talking about! 




One step ahead of the other merchandise.




News about me!  Check it out, I try to keep it updated, but, if nothing else, you can at least see what I've done in the past.  Includes maniacal ranting and raving!





Check some of this stuff I've made specifically for my electronica.  It's in specifica.





I started making an album back in 2003, and kept adding and taking away and adding and taking away and changing and changing and changing.  It's probably gone through 30 different stages at least.  I made so much music for it, I had to turn it into a 2 disk set.  Over 2 hours of music.


But then my harddrive crashed in March of 2009, and I lost not only all that but like pretty much everything I've ever done in the last 8 years:  artwork, music, programs, videos, like, everything.  Always back up your shit.

Anyways, that CD was called "Traitor of the 9 Moons", and while I may have a few .mp3s or .wavs floating around of it, I lost all the loops and samples for it so there's no way I can really go back and alter or change it if need be.


Update:  I found many of the old .mp3 files on my website buried deep within the layers of it's expanse, and have recently released what I could of Traitor of the 9 Moons - 25 songs free, for you!  Check it out.


Anyways, it turned into kind of a concept album over the process of creating it, and I made a little backstory to it.  I actually like the backstory better than the album, and if you'd like to check it out, awesome!  If not, well fine I didn't want you reading my awesome story anyways. pff




There's nothing worse than being the new guy/gal in town.  Don't know where to go for fun, don't know what's cool and what's not, don't know the little hierarchy of people in town or personal traits or who not to hang out with or who can get you in with the 'in' crowd.  And that's not cool.

So here in SkagnettiLand, I've developed a process to help you get better acquainted with my music.  It took years of fine tuning and thousands upon thousands of complex geometric equations, but I have finally perfected the process and present it to you.  No matter what your style of music preference is, I will try my damndest to help you find it.  I got you!


It's kind of like those old choose your own adventure books, I ask some questions and you answer and I'll try to match the music I think you would like based on your answers!

Sounds easy. doesn't it?  It Is!  Check it out!

















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The Kodiak Sessions



All donations are used towards CD duplication costs, music equipment and making it all better.  I really appreciate any assistance you can give!