I gave Evan Lefavor some music and he freestyled over it, posting it up on his YouTube channel.  He has done a lot of freestyle stuff in the past, not to mention tons of other things like Freaky Deaky and more.  Check out his YouTube for all the Evan goodness!


This is a video he made for "That's The Sound", which is on my album "Please Insert Me."  I might make a video for it myself someday, because I consider it the first single off the album.  So I guess this is the "unofficial video" but for the time being it works for me.  It uses footage from a show Evan used to be on on the Public Access channel called "Freaky Deaky."


Here is a song he made about sucking dick.  It's pretty damn funny.  The song I made around 2010 for no particular reason, so I gave it to Evan when he asked for a few songs to freestyle over.


Here's a song about VSUs (Vague Status Updates.)  It's a group I made a few years ago celebrating those vague status updates everyone on FaceBook does to garner attention.  "Well I guess that was never meant to be......" they say in utter vagueness, and everyone who replies is like, "OMG R U OK CALL ME!"  LOL, how did this even become a thing?  Because it works, I guess.  Anyways, I've posted a bunch on my WordPress from time to time.  Check them out sometime.  The song I made specifically for him to freestyle over.


The very beginning of this video uses the song Lost Everything.

Lost Everything

time 4:52


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The disco guitar thing at the beginning is the same song he sings the Suck My Dick song over (above), and the song he freaks out at the very end is called Stay On Course.

Stay On Course

time 9:00


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The song used in this one is called Enjoy The Majestic Ocean.  I don't know why I called it that, lol.

Enjoy The Majestic Ocean

time 4:15


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I've done other things with Evan Lefavor and have made pages for them on this site.  Check them out:

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