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"It kind of reminds me of Zork.  But fun...." - John McCollough, IGN.com

"I used to play text games like Pirates Cove on my TI-99, where you had to hook the tape machine up to load the freaking game, and it make that horrible noise like a 26k modem dialing up, but it never dialed up to anything, that stuff didn't even exist back then - WTF?  anyways this really takes me back, not just to the pain and the heartache, but also it was really fun once it worked finally.  But these games take it to a whole new level - the integration of role-playing elements and character progression makes this stuff way more fun." - Darek Winslow, gamespot.net

"I WANNA BE A GLADIATOR!" - Random Gladiator Wannabe, via email


Welcome To King in the Castle - I have a chair!

Now that I have this one relatively finished (other than a few glitches), I want to go and finish the first version of Dungeon Hunter.  It will be a cool game once finished, and I am sick of making this one to tell you the truth.  Just ran out of ideas.  O well, i'll come back to it some day, and it's pretty much finished.  Few glitches with battles I need to figure out.  Now that I've thought about it, I want to make a Trilogy.  This is the 3rd game in the series, set in the time after you won the Dungeon Hunter competition.  The whole goal of Dungeon Hunter was to get a bunch of gold and win the contest to become the next King.  In King In The Castle, you have won the contest and are now King and have to deal with everyday King stuff.

There is no real goal, so you cannot lose or win.  I will add more Specialists and things to buy in on v.4.1.  But for now this is v.4.0 and that's all yous gonna get.


5/24/09  V.4.0

-different types of fish: there are now 6 types of fish, fishing ships gather them. different types of fish sell for different prices at far away trade cities, and they each convert to bushels at different rates. traveling caravans will now want specific types of fish.
-MiningAcres: these are found by scouts, each house a certain type of ore, miners mine the ore. mining facilities have to be made on the miningacre to mine the ore.
-Lumber: a new type of commodity that can be sold in far away lands. ships, port cities, and other buildings require Lumber now. Mills have to be set up, and lumberjacks bring in a set amount of wood each year.
-Trading Posts: these are set up on acres and sell goods and services, and you get a percentage of the profits.
-PearlOre: Oysters sometimes have PearlOre, which is extremely valuable at far off trade cities.
-New Skill Knowledge: many types of new skills in City Improvements and Oceanography
-More Pirate Ships: Pirates are in vast numbers and your warships will for sure find them all over, or even swarming at the start of the game. their numbers thin out the more that are defeated.
-Many new random events: tons of new stuff that happens randomly after bushel yield and before king's menu
-Trade Section: Happens before random events. Fishing, Lumber Gathering, Mining, and Trading Posts will be listed in that order.
-Price changes: many things have been altered. some now require a lower price, but also lumber to complete them.
-Shipping: overseas shipping can garner you a lot of money, now on ore, fish, bushels, and lumber.
-Ship Increases: fishing increase upgrades and merchant increase upgrades have been reduced.
-Ship Limit and Limit skill: you may have only 5 ships per port city at the start of the game, but may learn new skill knowledge in the oceanography section that allows for more.
-Scouts: may find miningacres and oceanacres, be attacked, find small ore mines, find bushel caches, find gold caches, or find enemy sites to attack if you have troops.
-Skill Sections: have been altered a bit.

-Status menu:  changed a lot, now on pages, easier to navigate and find stuff.

-Troops:  require peasants to be converted into troops.

-Arrows:  required to shoot with bows.  can make during battle for a price if you run out.


5/8/09  V.3.2

-Fixed problems with shipping, fixed ore picker for shipping, added ships in and ships out at top of shipping screen

-Warships didn't die if they died.  Fixed.

-Shipping should be 100% working.  Added option to ore picker that if you are shipping the same amount of ore that you hold, then you can choose 100 to choose all instead of entering 1, 22, 2, 3, 3, 55, etc over and over

-on the commodity menu added population to first screen, and added Next buttons so if you type N it will go from Land>Grain>Fish (if fish menu is available)>Land again

-Added Traveling Caravans that will be short on supplies, and will give you ore and/or gold for fish and/or bushels of grain.  How much they ask for is dependent on your diplomatic level and how much they give is relatively random.

-added {TAB} to many screens, including the Diplomatic Screen (status), which has also been entirely redone into 4 or 5 menus rather than all on one screen, which is much less cluttered and easier to read.  Added more screens n options n stuff to the status as well.

-could still build fishing boats and merchant ships and warships without owning a port city. fixed for real this time

-added scouting xp to some of the newer things scouts find.

-get xp for hiring Specialists and killing Pirate Ships

-a bunch of tiny text graphical updates, moved some return lines around, added gold to menus that needed it, some other little things

-continuing to try to get the damn war stuff fixed.  need to implement more things to it as well, such as walls, them attacking walls to get to your castle, them burning lands, archer bonuses from walls, deploying troops from behind walls, needing horses for calvary, needing components for wizards.  troops seem kind of cheap in cost and pricing may change on them.

-added a ton more random events

-arrows are now needed or archers can't shoot.  if no arrows are available, you can create them on the fly for 150 gold for 100 arrows during battle.  Price on arrows dropped to 500 arrows for 1 gold.


4/30/09  V.3.1

-Fixed major problems with the shipping, neverending loops, and loops to the wrong command lines

-Fixed problems with fishing - was adding way too much fishing capacity when new ships were purchased

-Fixed problems with Merchant ships disappearing - there's a point where ships coming back right after they finished a shipping run and ships that would return to ports that year, when one value took over the other value, the ships would disappear.  Also they would return to port the same year they left the far away land, which is supposed to occur the following year.

-Added {TAB} to Oceanography Knowledge Menu and Ocean Menu.  If you type TAB at the command prompt you will switch over to the other menu, and vice versa.  I will probably add similar commands to the Militia Menu and Castle Improvement menu, linking them with corresponding knowledge menus.

-You could also buy ships without having a port, which makes no sense.  A ship has gotta have a port, do you hear me!?!?

-All prices are subject to change.  Right now things seem kind of expensive, but money should come easy once land and population are high and you can sell off a ton of excess grain.  Grain prices may be reduced and start statistics of 250 grain 10 land 10 population may be raised.

-With those fixes Shipping should be working fine now, and has become an excellent way to earn cash.


4/26/09  Finished V.3  New Features:  Port Cities, Ships, Upgrades for Ships, Oceanography Knowledge, your scouts can find Ore deposits and OcreanAcres, Can ship stuff to far away cities for profit, Ocean Menu on King's Menu, Rat Man Jack, Sweet Smile Samson, Specialist Menu, Specialist Hiring Menu, L/G Land Grain Menu changed to Commodities Menu, where you can trade fish for grain.  Fishing ships can get fish each year, Merchant ships can transport goods to far away places, and Warships can attack Pirates.  Pirates may attack your Fishing Ships and Merchant Ships.  Population leaving due to not being fed enough has a new system for deciding how many leave.  Text graphical upgrades, everything a little more pretty.  Working on finalizing Battle System, few glitches left.  Ore can fetch a random number between 1-10*10 in gold per ore when shipped.  Grain fetches a high price when shipped, and fish can only be sold if shipped (for 1-3 gold each).  Ship to ship and crew to crew battles added.  Special attacks for Crew members.  Accuracy, Hull Armor, Crit %, Crew, Cannons are now added features for Navy related stuff.  XP gained for hiring Specialists and Killing Pirates.  Pirates have random treasure that Warships can take back to port cities, and Merchants can fill up any remaining space with.  Previous records for amount of grain harvested.  Can buy traps once Rat Man Jack is hired to kill off rats and to keep them away from grain.  Chances rats get into grain are now dependent on how many acres you have, and number of rats is 1-3 per acre.  Gambling adds a new dimension of profit, and, after Hiring Sweet Smile Samson and pay the initial setup costs, you will gain gold dependent on your taxrate and how many peasants gamble and how much they gamble.

Site Changes - added Oceanography and Specialist Pages, added to Knowledge Page, and added a couple of high definition graphics.  Added V.3 to download page.


4/19/09  Finished V.2.  New features:  Battle system, build your armies and attack or be attacked.  Scouts can find settlements to attack.  Working on more to come, along with ironing out the details.  Should all be working.

Site Changes - added a new topbar, added pages Basic Concepts, More Complex Concepts, Knowledge Page.  Added V.2 to downloads page.

4/10/09 Added V.1 to downloads page.  More to come! 


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