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Random Events


After you have harvested your grain for the year, and before the King's Menu at the end of the year, a myriad of random events may occur.  Some have a high chance of happening (1 in 50) and some have very low chances of happening (1 in 1000), but they happen, and their effects can be helpful or detrimental.  I wil add more as in later versions, but here is the list for v.3.2



Rats will eat your grain.  If you have Ratman Jack, you can place traps that will kill the rats that would normally eat your supplies.



A gruesome plague sweeps the land.  This will kill off some of your population.



Forest fires, field fires, fires in general.  These things are not condusive to your fields.  You will loose some land due to fire, and the acres will have to be repaired, and this is done in the Repair menu.


Militant Groups

Well, you pissed Somebody off.  You can usually quell the uprising swiftly, but they sometimes damage some of your fields.  These acres will have to be repaired, and this is done in the Repair menu.


Traveling Caravan

These guys are short on either fish or grain or both.  They need your help so they can finish their journey to wherever it is they are going.  They will offer either Ores or gold or both in exchange.



These wondrous ceremonies will attract people into your kingdom.  Some need special triggers to activate, such as the 'Grain-tastic Days' celebration needs 5000 or more player owned bushels, and 'We Broke The Grain Record' celebration needs to have the record of harvested grain triggered for that year.  Some festivals require no triggers.


High Temperatures

If you have a large number of fish, high temperatures may cause rot to some of them.  A random number of fish in your storage docks will become inedible and will have to be discarded.


Torrential Rain

A powerful storm that lasts for many days, it causes everything to be washed away.  Grain fields will be destroyed by this, and the acres will have to be repaired, and this is done in the Repair menu.



1 in 1000 chance of killing 1 of your population.  Electric Evil, Death From Above, and It's Raining Death are some of the newspaper headlines I'd imagine you would be seeing.


Animal Attacks

Wild animals sometimes starve and will attack a random peasant.  1 person will be lost.


Shrines, Statues, Seeds

These magical artifacts contain powers untold.  They also do the following:


Shrines - The scouting XP you receive this year is multiplied by 2, 3, or 4


Statues - The total amount of XP you receive this year is multiplied by 2 or 3


Seeds - The amount of bushels you harvested this year is multiplied by 2 or 3


These are very rare and you can only get one a year, ie, if you find a shrine that doubles scouting XP you will not find a shrine that triples it nor will you find a statue or magic seed.  This is reset the following year.



Some dying peasants will feel a real connection to their king, and leave the kingdom acres of land they had held onto in life.



Random buildings pop up with increase in population.  This will draw more peasants to your kingdom.


A Group of Jerks

A group of thieves, rapists, etc will be caught, and executing them makes the people happy and more make their home there.  A safer place to live is a better place to live.


A Loot Stash

A random structure type of random size will hold random treasure in random-sized, random-typed containers.



Other Events that Take Place During this Time

Sweet Smile Samson

All gambling will go on during this time of the year.  You will see all the gambling statistics here.



Your fishing ships will fish for fish!  They can also be attacked by Pirates at this time.


Merchant Ships

Merchant ships can either be attacked by Pirates or arrive at a far away port, drop off all their loot, then return with the gold at this time.



Your Warships will search for Pirates at this time.  If one is spotted, it will ask you if you want to attack.



The Scouting Report will happen at this time.  All 4 quarters are reported, and, if attacked by brigands and some perish, will need to return for rest, recovery, and the training of new scouts.  They may also find a city you can attack if you have an army.


Enemies Attack/Burn Fields/Camp At Borders

Enemies will start their offensive at this time.



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