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OceanAcres:  Scouts may find these on their travels.  They are large flat areas connected by one side to the vast ocean.  You may build Port Cities on these.  You may have as many OceanAcres as you have Diplomatic Levels.  Tip:  You will find your first one within 30 scouting quarters.  After that it's random.


Ocean Menu:  Once you find an OceanAcre, this menu and the Oceanography skillset becomes available.  This page reports as follows (starting out):

Ocean Menu
Current OceanAcres = 1
Current Port Cities = 0 Port City Slots Available = 1
Current Fishing Ships = 0 Fish Brought In Each Year = 0
Current Merchant Ships = 0 Hull Armor = 5 Currently away 0 On their way back 0
Merchant Cargo Holds Max 0 Ore 0 Fish 0 Bushels.
Current Warships = 0 Hull Armor = 10
Cannons = 2 Crews = 50
Total Ships = 0
{B}uild a Port City on an OceanAcre 25000 gold
Build {F}ishing Ships 5000 gold
Build {M}erchant Ships 10000 gold
Build {W}arships 20000 gold
Upgrade {FI}shing Capacity +1500 7500 gold
Upgrade {ME)rchant Capacity +150 Ore +1500 Bushels +2500 Fish 12500 gold
Upgrade {C}annons +2 {This affects both merchant and warships} 15000 gold
Upgrade {HM} Merchant Hull +5 10000 gold
Upgrade {HW} Warship Hull +10 10000 gold
Upgrade {CR}ew +50 {This affects both merchant and warships} 10000 gold

{E}xit this menu

Which would you like to do {Letters Only}?


Current OceanAcres:  How many OceanAcres your scouts have discovered.

Current Port Cities:  How many Port Cities you have

Port City Slots Available:  How many Port Cities you can build.

Current Fishing Ships:  How many Fishing ships you have.

Fish Brought In Each Year:  Amount of Fish your Fishing ships bring in.

Current Merchant Ships:  How many Merchant ships you have.

Hull Armor:  The amount of Hull Armor the Merchant ship has.  In battle all Merchant ships will start with this number.

Currently Away:  Merchant Ships on their way to another land bringing resources in exchange for cash money.

On Their Way Back:  How many are returning home from their long shipping voyage.

Merchant Cargo Hold Max:  How much Ore, Fish, and Bushels (multiplied by all available Merchant ships.)

Current Warships:  How many Warships you own.

Hull Armor:  The amount of Hull Armor the Warship has.  In battle all Warships will start with this number.

Cannons:  How many Cannons each ship has.  The more cannons, the more damage the ship will do per round.  This number is the same for both Merchant ships and Warships.

Crew:  How many brave men and women risk their lives for each boat.  This will be the starting crew for both Merchant ships and Warships.

Total Ships:  Fishing Ships+Merchant Ships+Warships

Build a Port City:  The more Port Cities you have, the more ships you may have.

Build Fishing Ships:  This will build Fishing ships to fish for you.

Build Merchant Ships:  This will build Merchant ships to ship ore, grain, and fish for you.

Build Warships:  This will build Warships for you that hunt down and eliminate the Pirate Threat.

Upgrade Fishing Capacity:  +1500 more fish per Fishing ship you have.

Upgrade Merchant Capacity:  +150 Ore +1500 Bushels +2500 Fish capacity for each Merchant ship you have.

Upgrade Cannons:  This will add +2 cannons to both Merchant ships and Warships.

Upgrade Merchant Hull:  +5 to Merchant ship hull armor, this affects all Merchant ships.

Upgrade Warship Hull:  +10 to Warship hull armor, this affects all Warships.

Upgrade Crew:  +50 crew added to both Merchant ships and Warships.


Shipping:  Shipping can only occur when you have a Merchant ship.  A Merchant ship may ship up to it's capacity to a far away country to make lots of money.  Shipping fetches 1-3 gold per fish, 10-30 gold per bushel, and a random number between 1-10*10 for ores.  Up to the maximum amount of all Merchant ships in port may ship, considering you have those amounts.  So it you can send 10 merchant ships at once if you got that much loot and that many ships.


Ore:  Ore comes in 8 flavors.  Your scouts can find it while scouting, or you may get some from a Pirate Ship.  It must be traded to a far away place via Merchant ship for gold or else it is of no real value to your kingdom.  The price is a random number between 1 and 10 times 10 for each.  So if you want to send a shipment, and you have only a limited amount of space for the ore, you may pick the right one to ship or you may not.  I may add later structures that require ore for construction.


Fish:  Fish are gathered by Fishing Ships that launch from Port Cities.  Then can either be traded for bushels of grain at 400 fish to a bushel, or shipped overseas for gold.  Gold price for fish is variable 1-3 gold.


Port Cities: 

While scouts are out looking around, they may come across a OceanAcre.  OceanAcres can house a Port City.  Once you build a Port City, you may build Ships.  Fishing Ships return here to escape from Pirates.  Merchant Ships return here after the long voyage of shipping to a far away land.  Warships return here after destroying and plundering Pirates.  You may have as many Port Cities as you have OceanAcres.  Everything about your aquatic infrastructures is reported under the Oceanography Menu on the King's Menu.  The more Port Cities you have, the more ships you may have (5 per port city).  More things may come later.



Travel the oceans and can attack your Fishing Ships and Merchant Ships.  Merchant ships can defend themselves, but Fishing ships must escape back into safe harbors.  They carry Ore, Fish, and Bushels, and your Warships specifically travel the waters to find and attack them.  Destroy them and take their cargo (payback is indeed definitely a beotch.)


Fishing Ships:


Starting Stats:

Fishing Capacity:  500

These vessels collect fish.  The fish can then be transferred to far away lands for gold, or traded to other cultures for Grain.  They can be attacked by Pirates, and have a 1-100 chance + PC's Diplomatic Level, and if they score greater than 50 they escape to a safe port.


Merchant Ships:


Starting Stats:

Hull:  5

Cannons:  this is equal to max amount of cannons (starting is 2)

Crew:  this is equal to the max amount of crew (starts at 50)


50 Ore

150 Bushels

1500 Fish


These vessels transport Ore, Fish, and Grain to far away lands.  They may get upgrades that allow them to carry more.  They may be attacked by Pirates along the way.  They have their own hull armor set, but the same crew and number of cannons as Warships.




Starting Stats:

Hull:  10

Cannons:  this is equal to max amount of cannons (starting is 2)

Crew:  this is equal to the max amount of crew (starts at 50)

Built specifically for searching out and eliminating the Pirate Menace, they have a higher hull rating than the Merchant Ship, but the same crew and number of cannons.  They have very little cargo room, but after a Pirate ship's crew is destroyed, they may plunder their ship.  Since they do most of their scouting around ocean areas close to their port city, they are able to slowly haul the cargo back via rafts and bundled over the sides.  It also slows them down alot, and for these two reasons it would not be very feasible to send a Warship with a shipment to a far away land.  So don't ask me "why can't i just send the warship with the cargo...." because i just explained it.


Hull Armor:  Can be upgraded by 10 unlimited number of times for Warships and by 5 unlimited number of times for Merchant Ships.  Upgrades cost 10000 gold.  When hull armor reaches 0, the ship is disabled, meaning it cannot move or flee.  Thus, the more hull armor you have the longer you can stay in the battle.  Cannons do 1 damage per hit on the hull armor.


Cannons:  Can be upgraded by 2 unlimited number of times.  The number of cannons are the same on both Warships and Merchant Ships.  Cannons do 1 damage on hull armor and have a chance to score a critical hit which also kills some of the crew.


Crew:  Once cannons have destroyed the hull of one's armor, the crews board the disabled vessel's decks and attack their crew.  Whichever crew is slaughtered last is the victor!  Crews can perform special attacks on rare occasions.

-Double Slash:  Lunge forward with a stab attack and then come back with a slash, striking 2 opponents at once.

-Triple Slash:  Lunge forward with a stab, then slash at another as they turn with a downward chopping motion.  This hits 3 opponents at once.

-Dragon Slash:  Spinning with blades drawn slashes through 4 opponents at once.

-Molotov Cocktail:  Explodes on deck and engulfs 1-10 opponents, sending them to a fiery death.

-Powder Keg:  Explodes on deck and expels deadly shards of metal, killing off 5-15 opponents at once!


Entering Battle:  Battle is checked before the King's Menu screen.  First will be checked if any Fishing Ships are attacked.  Then if there are any Merchant Ships on a shipping run it checks if they are attacked.  Then, if there any Warships, it checks to see if they find any Pirates to attack.

Pirates only attack Fishing Ships and Merchant Ships.  Warships engage Pirates.  Merchant Ships will only be attacked if on a voyage to a distant land, with no Warship protection around.  Fishing Ships are attacked very rarely, but have a decent survival rate by escaping into a friendly port.  Ship battle will only take place with Merchant and Warships.  It is comprised of turns, starting with both attacking with cannons until one is disabled by reducing it's hull to <=0.  Once a ship is disabled, it is boarded by the other's crew and they both fight it out until there is only one crew left standing.


Victory:  Pirate ships carry treasure depending on the circumstances.  If they attack a Merchant Ship, chances are they have not much onboard, which is why they attacked in the first place.  There is only a 10% chance of a Merchant Ship attacker having loot.  Warships attacking Pirate ships on the other hand have a much better chance of finding a vast load of loot.  Pirates will have a random number between 1-(5*diplomatic level) Ore (types are chosen randomly), 1-(50*diplomatic lvl) Bushels of Grain, and 1-(150*diplvl) Fish on board.  So there's a chance they could hit the mother load!  The treasure screen will show and then it will go back to checking to see if your remaining Merchant ships are attacked as well, or if your remaining Warships find anymore Pirates to slaughter.





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