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"It kind of reminds me of Zork.  But fun...." - John McCollough,

"I used to play text games like Pirates Cove on my TI-99, where you had to hook the tape machine up to load the freaking game, and it make that horrible noise like a 26k modem dialing up, but it never dialed up to anything, that stuff didn't even exist back then - WTF?  anyways this really takes me back, not just to the pain and the heartache, but also it was really fun once it worked finally.  But these games take it to a whole new level - the integration of role-playing elements and character progression makes this stuff way more fun." - Darek Winslow,

"I WANNA BE A GLADIATOR!" - Random Gladiator Wannabe, via email

Welcome To Dungeon Hunter - The internet sensation that's sweeping the lands!

Announcement:  These games will now become a Trilogy.

Game One:  GLADIATOR:  You are a Gladiator, taken from your home in your sleep, you now belong to somebody and must fight to the death in arenas.  You must win enough gold to win your freedom.

Game Two:  DUNGEON HUNTER:  You have won your freedom from being a Gladiator slave, and are now competing in a competition to become King of all the land.

Game Three: KING IN THE CASTLE:  You have won the King's competition and have taken over the throne.  You must now deal with everyday kingly duties or your mighty kingdom will fall to shambles.

DUNGEON HUNTER:  A hot, sultry tale of a young adventurer setting out to find their place in history.  A tale of chaos, betrayal, and things that are mean.  Travel throughout the land and destroy evil, restore peace and find treasures untold!  Perhaps you have what it takes to become the next King of Krynn.  But most likely you will die like the rest.  I can already see you're not up for the challenge.  You should leave now and go play WoW some more.  It's got prettier graphics than my game.  Or maybe my reverse psychology has worked on you and you will download the game by clicking the button to the left (YES!  Mwhahahhahahahaaaa....)

Dungeon Hunter is a fantasy RPG.  If you don't like fantasy, well too bad.  It's not like its ridiculous where everything's got some crazy made up name, where like even the facking broom is called a 'bambooshal stick' or some crap.  But it's got some bad ass monsters and some bad ass weapons and some bad ass spells and some bad ass treasures to be found.  You can pretend its the year 4040 if you want.  It really wont make much of a difference to me.

The game has some downfalls, but it's a neat little pastime if you're bored.  It's real tiny and can run in the background, you can minimize it and come back to it an hour, a day, a week, a month later, whatever your playing style, you wont have to worry about it crashing or slowing down your system.

Basically, I started making this game 20 years ago.  I made versions here and there, but always something happened.  I never had my own computer when I was making it before, so I would have to commandeer somebody's, and it's very time consuming to code, and people don't like it when you code for 9 hours in their room on their computer.  One guy deleted it because it was taking up too much room on his computer he said, (this was back when 5MBs was a horrifying size.)  One guy lost the computer!  One time I was doing it on a laptop, which I hate, and was using the stupid mouse pad and accidentally opened a new page and saved it as the program.  I had like 4000 lines of code, poof, saved over.  No backup.  This time I made a backup.  I guess the only reason I started this insanely nerdy endeavor is to prove that I can actually finish something.  And that something is an insanely nerdy RPG.

But O how I have expanded.  Before it was just a dungeon with set rooms.  Now its a whole world bustling with crazy random events and places to see.  It's a pretty fun game if you give it a chance.  You never know what may happen next.


5/24/09 Finished King In The Castle v.4.0 and am now gonna get back into Dungeon Hunter.  it was a nice break =)  Also will start a new game called Gladiator soon.

4/19/09 Taking a small break from this.  Created King In The Castle in the meantime.

11/1/08  Finishing up coding for version 1.0 and started making this website.  Omg Ima Nerd!

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