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King In The Castle

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XP:  You gain XP for a variety of reasons, but the source of most of them will be how much you improved that year.  For instance, you had 100 acres of land the previous year.  This year, as luck may have it, you had a great harvest, sold off the grain and bought 100 more acres.  You will gain 10 XP for just that.  You have a certain goal you need to reach for the next level.  It's slow going at first, but picks up a lot later on.  Once you have gained enough XP to increase your Diplomatic Level, you may do so through the {L}evel option on the King's Menu.  You can also gain XP for increasing your gold, bushels, and population more than you had the previous year, scouts discovering things, winning battles, hiring Specialists, and learning new skills.


Skills:  These are purchased through the King's Menu > Knowledge Menu.  They allow you to build armies, learn fighting skills, learn skills that reduce harmful environment effects, provide helpful environmental effects, and skills that allow you to build certain buildings castle improvements.  Most cost gold, but some cost gold and bushels.  Pick and choose wisely....  For more info visit the Knowledge page.


Ore:  Ore comes in 8 flavors.  Your scouts can find it while scouting, or you may get some from a Pirate Ship.  It must be traded to a far away place via Merchant ship for gold or else it is of no real value to your kingdom.  The price is a random number between 1 and 10 times 10 for each.  So if you want to send a shipment, and you have only a limited amount of space for the ore, you may pick the right one to ship or you may not.  I may add later structures that require ore for construction.  added in v.3


Repair:  You will need to repair things that are destroyed, this costs gold to do so.  It appears under the King's Menu when damage has occurred to something in your kingdom.  For instance, vagabonds may set fire to your fields, destroying a bunch of acres.  Destroyed acres cannot have grain harvests, but you can repair these acres to full use through this menu.


Specialists:  Hired in the Knowledge Menu > Specialist Hiring Menu, these people greatly help you keep your kingdom under control.  Fore more information, check out the Specialists page.   added in v.3


Specialist Menu:  You may currently buy Rat Traps, Set up a gambling ring, and Set the gambling tax rate on this menu.  Fore more information, check out the Specialists page.  added in v.3


Ocean Menu:  You may buy ships, Port Cities, ship upgrades and ship things from your ports to faraway lands on this menu.  For more information, check out the Oceanography pageadded in v.3


Scouting:  You may train scouting parties after the Scouting Tactic is learned.  After it is learned you may deploy them to search your kingdom for goodies.  On the scouting menu, you may set {AUTO} to on/off - this will automatically deploy your scouts once they have rested.  Scouting parties use 10 population and cost 250 gold.  They must be deployed of course to be of any service.  Scouts out scouting may encounter attacks and a few of them may die.  You must replace the number of scouts killed with more of your population, or the scouting party will be disbanded.  Replacing the dead scouts will take 1 year to train and rest.  If you have {AUTO} deploy on, they will automatically go out scouting the following year.  Otherwise you can {D}eploy them from the scouting menu.  Scouts that find interesting things will increase your XP.  At the end of the year the scouting party will report their 4 quarters, where various things may happen.  Getting attacked, finding gold, finding wandering nomads, and finding settlements to attack are among some of the random things that happen.  Scouts can only scout for as long as there are unscouted acres.  The number of scouted/unscouted acres can be found on the scouting menu.  If they run out of unscouted acres, they will return until you get more land.  added in v.3  You may find ore deposits and OceanAcres with scouts now.


Armies:  Armies are what protect you from them.  They are the only thing standing in the way of mass destruction and theft.  If you are in a fight and your armies are all killed, you will lose a lot of your assets.  To train armies you need to learn certain skills that pertain to them.  For instance you will need to learn Archer Tactics, Shortbow Archer Training, Bowing and Shortbow Training before you can create a shortbow archer.  Once all the required skills needed to train a warrior are learned, you may do so through the {M}ilitia Menu.  Also under the {M}ilitia menu you may forge arrows, train horses, and make spell components.  It's your one stop shop for armageddon creatin' machines.  Once you have created your armies and win a few battles, your armies will gain enough xp to increase their level.  If you have created the training tents for them, they may train and gain a level.  This will increase all but archers damage.  It will also increase their hps and the amount of gold it costs to purchase them.


Archers:  Archers attack from afar with bow and arrows.  You will have to create arrows for the archers to use, otherwise they are self-sufficient once you buy them.  They do very little damage, but can attack any group.


Soldiers:  The bread and butter, they attack mostly other warriors, but will attack archers and wizards if none are around.  They can do a lot of damage to units, and require nothing extra to operate, the only class that requires no extra gear.


Calvary:  Bred for speed and maneuverability on the battlefield, these horse warriors do large amounts of damage.  They attack mostly soldiers and other calvary, but can attack archers and wizards if none are around.  You will have to train horses for them. 


Wizards:  The hardest of all professions to train, they are also the most lethal.  They attack all groups equally and do massive amounts of damage.  Components are needed for spells to be cast.


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