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King In The Castle

Basic Concepts


Population:  They require 2 bushels of grain a year to live.  If you feed them more than 2 bushels a year, then more will move into the kingdom.  The more you feed in excess, the more move in.  Conversely, if you feed them less than the required 2 bushels a year, they will move away.  The less you feed them, the more move away.  Tip:  There are various other ways to get citizens to join your kingdom, such as leveling (your diplomatic skills become better therefore more people are attracted), scouting (finding wandering nomads who join your city), and special buildings (such as churches that attract citizens.), plus many more.


Acres:  You plant grain on your acres.  1 peasant can plant 2 acres per year, so it's good to have many acres, or at least enough so the whole population can be put to work.  Of course, the more planted, the more bushels of grain are harvested at the end of the year.  Acres can be bought and sold on the King's Menu.  Acres change in price each year, it could go up or down.  Max price is 150, Min price is 20.  Tip:  land prices generally go up, but if it hits 150 5 times it will reset to a random lower number.


Grain:  This is required to feed your peasants, plant your acres, and to buy certain skills.  Each peasant requires 2 bushels of grain a year to live.  An acre of land is required a certain (random) number of bushels to be planted each year, and, depending on the year, the quality of soil determines how much is needed to plant.  Once planted, acres will produce a (random) number of bushels for your grain storage.  Grain can be bought and sold on the King's Menu.  The cost of grain at the end of year is dependent on how good of a harvest you had.  If you had a horrible harvest, for instance, like 3 or 4 bushels an acre, the cost of grain would be high because not much was harvested that year (supply and demand.)  Tip:  Buying and Selling grain and land is an excellent way to garner experience points.


These 3 concepts are dependent on each other.  For example, you have 20 acres of land, 20 peasants, and 50 bushels of grain.  Each peasant can plant 2 acres of land.  The cost to plant an acre of land this year is 2 because the soil is of high quality.  So - the peasants can plant 40 acres, which will take 80 bushels of grain.  But you only have 20 acres of land that can be planted, and even if you had 40 acres, you wouldn't have enough bushels to plant them all.  So you plant 20 acres for 40 bushels of grain.  The yield that year is very high, 18 bushels of grain per acre planted!  So you harvest 20x18=360 bushels.  You had 10 bushels left after the planting (50-40 to plant), so you now have a grand total of 370 bushels of grain at the end of the year.  So now it's the end of the year, grain is really low in price because such a high yield, let's say 3 gold per bushel.  Land is mediocre, 50 gold per acre.  You decide to sell 170 bushels of grain, which gives you 510 gold and leaves you with 200 bushels.  It's not the best deal around, but you need more land.  You buy 10 more acres for 500 gold, leaving you 30 acres of land, 10 gold left, and 200 bushels of grain.  Not bad =)


Some basic gamer geek terms:  These are some small terms that I may use throughout this guide.

HPs = Hit Points. Basically your life.  If reduced to zero, whatever it was dies.

Lvl = Level.  The level of whatever it is I'm talking about.

DL = Diplomatic Level.  The level of your character.

dmg = Damage.  Damage make body hurt, make Player Mad!


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