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Black Out - Video Games



"Just wanna play video games."




Quite possibly the worst band, performing one of the worse songs, of all time.  If you disagree, click the leave comment above and tell me which band you think deserves the title.  If possible please leave a link to a youtube video or mp3 so we can hear it.


Let me tell you a little story.  I was surfing 4chan and somebody referenced 2 girls 1 cup.  A movie which I didn't particularly enjoy watching, but hey if that's what they like to do.  But they said something about 2 girls 1 pitcher.  A movie which I didn't know existed.  I was then on youtube for some reason and I watched reaction videos to it because, again, it somehow got thrown into whatever I was searching for, which was completely unrelated (I think "9/11 was an inside job" songs)  Anyways that was twice I had seen it in a day, so I chalked it up to fate and scoured the internet for all of 10 seconds before yahoo answers hit me with link.  It can't find The 4th Kind Streaming video site but it finds the drinking the urine movie in 10 seconds, wtf?  So I watched it.  I dunno if 2 girls 1 cup desensitized me to it or what but I didn't find it too horrible.  Yah it was horrible, but it wasn't shocking horrible.  Well yah it was shocking horrible, but I dunno, wasn't the worst thing I have ever seen.


Anyways the point of the story is I watched this video right after it, and this video horrified me more than that one.  Yes I said it - Black Out "Video Games" is more horrifying than 2 girls 1 pitcher.  Take that you stupid kids.

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