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Welcome!  I started this store in June 2010 and have put a lot of time and effort into making quality dark, gothic-inspired products.  The designs are from me, the products are from Zazzle.  Zazzle is a print on demand website where you can upload your artwork and put it on mugs, t-shirts, posters, stamps, stickers, skateboards, keds shoes and more!  Beyond that, all products in all my stores are fully customizazble, which means you can change the background color and borders on posters, or add a frame to it, change a binder's size and background color, change the colors on shoe laces, threading and eyeholes, change the t-shirt style, size, and color, or add your own text and pictures to existing designs!  It's all up to you now!


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BlackOgre Online SuperStore On FaceBook! - please like me on facebook, if you have a store I will like you back =)!

BlackOgre Online SuperStore - Over 26,000 products ranging from abstract art to political to nerdy to humorous!

PlaidWorkz - Over 150 different plaid designs on ties, shoes, mousepads, stamps, binders and more!

BlackOgre Online iSuperStore - My artwork on hardcover cases for iPhones, iPads, and Doodle USB Speakers!

Right On The Monet - The paintings of Claude Monet from 1862-1926 on shirts, posters, cards, mugs, and more.  (work in progress)

Caption It! - Take one of these old-fashioned pictures and add whatever text you want to it!

Panarama - Beautiful panoramic views!

Fire Creatures - Creatures of the wild set on fire with amazing fractalization!

8 Ways To Promote Your Zazzle Store - 8 Glorious ways to promote your Zazzle Store, all free, all easy

Zazzle QuickList - The fastest way to see all products!

IBB:  I've Been BeZaZZled - Each week I find the greatest artists on Zazzle and make a Squidoo lens featuring their top 10 on that specific date and also 4 honorable mentions, things that are not in the top 10 but I really like anyways.  Then after 4 weeks I do an IBB Extras, where I feature the 4 previous week's artists with 10 more designs each.  You can vote on which design you like the most in the individual and for each of the 10 designs in the Extras issue.  In the Extras you can also vote for which artist you like the most out of the 4. 

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Twitter - Follow me on Twitter, I mostly promote my store and new products, plus YouTube videos I like and FaceBook Fan Club auto-updates!

Zazzle Coupons - Zazzle is always running promotions, whether it's free shipping on all orders for a weekend or its 10%, 15%, 20% off mugs or shirts or posters or whatever they feel like for a week or longer.  Some run all month!



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