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I've been adding stories to ShortNews lately.  It's pretty fun.  I think I had second or third highest points last month.  There's a guy there that has like 1000 stories so he gets points from what he writes that month and also from when people go to his old stuff, so he's always in 1st place, so there's no real point in trying too hard, but I still have fun writing one here and there.  But anyways what you do is go to a news paper article online, take everything they say and truncate it down to 3 paragraphs.  Each paragraph can only contain 250 characters, so it can be a challenge trying to paraphrase all the details.  But it's also really fun and a great brain exercise.  It's easy to create and add news, and the person with the most points each month gets like a $50 gift certificate to Amazon each month.


A lot of people with a good sense of humor go there and comment on stories.  Some of them are the wittiest people I've seen in the last few years.  Not like most idiots who think dick and fart jokes are the only kind of humor.  That shit really aggravates me sometimes.  I could care less about profanity, or even extreme in bad taste kinds of jokes about dicks and shit, it doesn't offend me.  What offends me is that people think I'm too fucking retarded to get any other kind of humor.  Like we're a nation of 3 year olds.  Sometimes I wonder if we are when I meet some abercrombie-clad douchebag, but every now and again I meet somebody with a speck of intelligence and it's just nice to talk with them and not have to talk about how much they love Obama or the newest dick joke to come off of South Park.  Seriously, if it has to do with masturbation or diarrhea, then I don't want to fucking hear your dumb fucking mouth form the words.  Fuck Off.


Update 2012:  I haven't done ShortNews in a long, long time.  Kind of fell out of it, maybe one day I will go back, but not today.




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