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The JokeKillers


You’ve all seen them.  They’ve been there since day one.  Since the first “humor group” added their first “humorous picture” on facebook, some fucking idiot had to try and be funnier than the picture itself.  Why do these people exist?  Just to be the first to ruin the joke?  They can’t help themselves?  Is it a disease?  A mental disorder?  Or are they just that fucking stupid?  Do they think they’re funny?  Did somebody tell them they should do stand-up because they are so funny in real life so they are testing out their new material on innocent facebookers?  Good lord, Joke Killers suck, and, to prove this, I have started this new section on my wordpress to commemorate just how much they suck.  People of facebook – before you comment on things, think to yourself, “Should I really comment on this?  Is what I’m about to say really that funny?  Or am I going to look like a complete twat?”  The answers to those 3 questions are usually No!, No!, and YES, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, YESSSS!!!!

How this works is I take a screenshot of comments on a picture, usually uploaded by some “humor group” on facebook, and then indicate the fucktard that killed the joke by a giant red-outlined JK.  I wish somebody would stamp one of those JKs on their fucking forehead so they can be reminded every morning when they look in the mirror that they should Just Stop Trying.

But anyways, sit back and enjoy some of The JokeKillers.  Check out the WordPress below for the newest.


The JokeKillers On WordPress


October 2012



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