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Fall From Heaven 2




This was a great game!  I was a Civ2 nut years and years ago, and then took a long break, and came back a couple years ago when I saw they were up to Civ4.  So I got the game, and I sometimes wish I hadn't, because it has sapped hours and hours of my free time away from me.  But it's a game so it's fun, and it's only a testament to how much it fucking pwns.  I kinda got bored with it and put away on the shelf last year.  But I just found a new expansion called Fall From Heaven 2.  I believe there was a mod with Beyond The Sword called Fall From Heaven, I think I played it, and this is like a billion times better.  It's more fantasy than the reality of Civ4, with more fantasy and folklore type people.  Almost every facet of the game has been changed, with many amazing additions, like magic, tons of new promotions, new barbarian monsters, an armageddon counter, magical items you can pick up, and a ton of new units to control.  Plus it comes with all kinds of options to edit the world as you see fit.  Awesome soundtrack too, really it really is very good.  Whoever made this, I commend you, you should get some sort of multi-million dollar deal because I would love to see more of your works!!


It is 100% free, although you may need the newest patch for Civ4.  It truely is very very fun =)



Fall From Heaven 2 on Civilization Fanatics


June 2009



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