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Evony is much like Civilization, except it's 100% free and you play it in your internet browser.  It was repeated ad spammed on so I finally said, 'wtf?' and gave it a try.  It's pretty fun.  The only downfall of it is that everything is in real time, ie, it takes anywhere from a few minutes up to hundreds of hours to create something.  The more powerful the thing you are creating the longer it takes.  The good news is that it runs even when you don't have the browser window open, so you can go in, click on a few things and then come back a day later.  You can set things and forget them, but it's good to log on every 5 or 6 hours to see how things are going.  The whole goal is to make a city and make many troops and then march on other cities and either steal their resources or utterly destroy them.  There's all kinds of magical upgrades that help you, like books that speed up timers and corselets that improve your defense for 24 hours (there's one that goes 7 days too)  I could ramble and ramble about the game but I'm not going to.  It is slow to start with, but you can get more than one city, I had 4 and was micromanaging all my buildings, research and troops for all of them can be time consuming.  Then once you get confident and start attacking people with thousands of troops that's where the game becomes really fun.  You can march on the cities and take all their stuff and kill off all their troops.  There are alliances to join with up to 100 people in each alliance to chat with and to help you out.  You can spend money on it to speed things up a bit, but you certainly don't have to ever pay a cent, ever.  There are different continents to build your city in, and you can create as many characters as you have emails (ie, infinite), there is no limit.  The graphics are crisp, the overworld map is kinda shitty and suffers from lag a lot but other than that the graphics are pretty good for a free game.  Anyways give the game a chance, get over the initial "it sucks I have to wait so long" part of it and you can have a lot of fun playing this nifty free browser game. 


October 2009





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