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General Information

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also known as

Shin Sangoku Musou 2

in Japan (click here to see the Japanese Cover or click here to see the disk cover)



Total Characters: 41


Total Stages: 23


Published By:



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Omega Force


Number of Players:
Dual Shock:
Memory Card


JPN - September 2k1

USA - November 26, 2k1



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use these as guides if you come to a word that hasn't been translated into english yet.  true names translations tell the names; stage - the stage.




-june 26th, 2009  wow still around!  i get an amazing amount of hits on this page.  thanks all for coming!  i'm on a quest to find out why i get 3000 hits on my 404 page a month.  i slowly went through all the links on these pages and fixed the following errors (nothing like 7 year mistakes):  simi yi under character.html went to the 404 page because i had the .jpeg extension instead of  .jpg, the bookmark links under fourthweapon.html didn't link to the corresponding names because i had small case instead of capital case letters for the bookmark link, the onpage link for the Red Equipable didn't go to the bookmark because it was #Red Equipable Items instead of #Red Equipable Locations, redid the way windows pop up.  something that took me suprise was the Black-Ogre Game Forums, something i forgot existed.  Don't know when I made it, but looks like people have been using it while i was away =)  thanks all again for your support for this game and this site.  I had so much fun playing this game, I remember everything so vividly, the stages, the characters, if you haven't played this game, you can probably find DW3 for cheap someplace, and i highly recommend it, especially if you never played the series.  Start with 3 and work your way up.  I played DW6 on my computer recently, It was Awesome!  the graphics were amazing, but it was way too hard to play with a keyboard so i just gave up.  maybe i'll get back to it someday.  Updated Forums - added all games made by KOEI that had to do with this franchise, including portables and spinoffs.  Go there and talk about stuff =)  Added Wikipedia Link.  Took out broken links.  Changed Email.


-oct 16th, 2007  this site is still here rofl!  thanks for your support over the years!


-oct 22, 02  added BlackOgre Games Forum located under MESSAGE THREADS.  go there to talk about DW and other computer and console games.


-oct 20, 02  Added the combos for weapons, quote faq


-oct 19, 02  Added DW:  Fierce Warriors Page.  tells about the new stuff in the game, has some nice screens, etc.  to access go to Fierce Warriors at the Top.


-oct 6, 02  edited the pages a bit more.


-oct 4, 02  Jeez where to begin, more layout editing, maps, stuff on maps, translation, gs codes, pics, big maps for stages and maps pages, links, popups



-oct 3, 02  Codes, layout editing, finishing up pages.


-oct 2, 02  Continued sorting out colors and cursing frequently at tables and such.  finished maps, items, stages, dimsum/fairywine, 4th weapon pages.


-oct 1, 02  1 started making this site from an old site i had that was deleted from yahoo for some reason.  golly yahoo's great!  Nearly completed characters section





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Game Music

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3 Kingdoms Novel

Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

Chinese Literature

FAQs & Guides

- Walkthrough (Kongming)
- Walkthrough (Brian Nii)
- Walkthrough (Lord Ma Chao)
- Walkthrough (Z-Force)
- FAQ (Kongming)
- FAQ (Muni Shinobu)
- FAQ (Simalcrum)

- Quote FAQ (Gassnake)

Mini Guides

- Rare Item Locations
- Fourth Weapon Locations
- Dim Sum & Wine Locations
- Character Unlocking FAQ
- Hard Mode Item Drops
- Normal Mode Item Drops
- Enemy Generals Drop List
- Stage Reference Guide
- Bow Attack/Def, Speed FAQ
- Stage Events Guide







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