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Martial artist




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Shameless Self Promotion:  Check out my SoundCloud. :P

Miss you guys lots!  Maybe one day we shall meet again :)

NOV 29th, 2011

Woah, kind of a gap since the last update, LOL!  I quit soon after the last one.  I've been doing quite a lot lately, unfortunately AO is never one of them.  I miss it, but also, I don't.  I played the game for 6 years, and just can't take it anymore.  I will, of course, leave all these pages up, but, of course, will not add anything new or be checking for dead links any time soon.  So - use if you Can, lol.  What I've done since Feb 2009: got addicted to facebook, got crazy into my zazzle stores, made an album (but currently getting it mastered) - listen here, started a blog, started a series of squidoos, played evony, dungeons and dragons online, witcher, sins of a solar empire, elemental, oblivion (to death), and now skyrim.  started making a game in RPG Maker XP, will post a link if i ever get not addicted to skyrim and finish it.  joined a band (no songs up yet.)  got huge into infowars.  moved a couple times.  working a lot.  Good luck to everyone, maybe someday I will come back :P


New Nov 29th, 2011

Added a comments section below.  Say hi =)


New Feb 22nd, 2009

Arid map


New Feb16th, 2009

item listings for Legacy of the Xan


Oct 25th, 2008

How to fix your third party maps after the last Update

Halloween Lewt - happy Halloween!!!


Sept 28th, 2008

New APF Lootz

Alien Matrix Alpha Box

Alien Matrix Beta Box

Arc's Corner - Simple GUI - check out my friends simple GUI skin =)

Dust Brigade / Locating The Threat


Other Recent

Bronto Burger crowd

Dust Brigade / Peacekeeper Constad

iMatrix hosted here.

Link to Item Assistant website.


Xan Civilization Quest


Dustbrigade Outpost


Frozen Yutto Remedies

Galactic Jewel


APF42 pics!!!

Inferno Missions Map

Inferno Missions Guide


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:::: ariiadne's 15 step method for dummyheads Clan Ely Sanctuary Key (at bottom)

:::: ariiadne's 15 step method for dummyheads Clan Ely Garden Key (at bottom)

:::: Aban Garden Key Quest

:::: Compact Message Datadiscs quests

:::: Insipid Ring Quest

:::: Insipid Ring Quest from Ergo

:::: Start-up Quests

:::: Thrak Garden Key Quest

:::: Enel Garden Key Quest

:::: Enel Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

:::: Guard - Elmo Fitz

:::: Guard - Ulf Reinhart

:::: One Who Gives Light

:::: One Who Has Achieved Glory

:::: One Who Has Taken Vow of Truth

:::: One Who Overcomes Enemies

:::: One Who Wins Over Mind

:::: One With a Graceful Neck

:::: Shere Garden Key Quest

:::: Shere Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

:::: The One Loved by the Sun

:: Scheol Forum

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:::: Roch Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

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:::: Gilthar Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

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Advanced Salesman Hat 

Anun Membrane Gloves 

Apocalypse Leather Armor 

Barter Armor 

Bronto Hide Armor 

Bureaucrat Suit

Carbonum Armor 

CAS Symbiotic Armor 

Ceremonial Headgear 

Cloak of the Reanimated 

Cranium Nano Cloak 

Crawler Armor 

Enhanced Pads of Dedication 

Eyemutant Sinew Armor

Grid Armor

Hacked Light Omni-Tek Artillery Tank Armor 

Junkmetal Armor Living Dragon Flesh Armor

Massive Steel Body Armor 

Meister's Reinforced Suit 

Metallic Mantis Armor 

Modernized ICC Cloaks 

Molybdenum Plate Armor Upgrades 

Nano Breed Service Suit Armor 

NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat

Notum Saturated Metaplast Armor

Notum Threaded Backpack

Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor

Overtuning Tank Armors

Physician's Cap

Prowler Armor

Reanimator's Cloak

Repairman's Hat

Rollerrat Helmet

Sabotaging Surgeons Cloak

Sharpshooter Helmet

Stalker Helmet

Thick Flesh Hood

Veil of the Revoked


Alappaa shoulderpads

Crepuscule Leather Armor

Guise of the Hooded Crow

Jobe Armor

Jobe Armor Tier One

Jobe Armor Tier Two

Jobe Armor Tier Three

Jobe Tier 3 Guide NFO

Modified NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat

How to acquire Tragic+ spirits


Alien Armor Process and List

De'Valos Sleeves

Maria's Fashion

Nano Input Hoods


Upgrading Ofab Armor



Accelerated NCU Memory

Aggression Multiplier

Aggression Trimmer

All-Match Augmented Bow Tie

Briefcase of Holding

Coffee Machines

DB Notum Infuser upgrades

Hacking Grafts

Hologram Projections

Lock Pick of Eight

Mass Relocating Robots

Mechanical Analyzer

Personal Lockpick

Personalized Basic Robot Brain

Rebuilt NCU Wrist Implant

SoM upgrades

The Dantian Belt of Life

Virral Triumvirate Egg


Stiletto Yalmaha

Yalmaha Paint Jobs


Ancient Combat Bracer

Ancient Damage Generation Device

Ancient Defender

Ancient Engineering Device

Ancient Medical Bracer

Ancient Medical Device

Ancient Nano Enhancer

Ancient Technical Bracer

Ancients Skills library

Bracelet of Arul Saba

Focus-Funneling Helpers

Infused Viral Compiler

Masterpiece Ancient Bracer

Masterpiece Ancient Combat Tuner

Masterpiece Ancient Defensive Bracer

Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aid

Spirit Infused Yutto's Modified NCU

Subspace Storage Device


AI yalms

Cyberdeck Upgrades


General Crafting

Implant Creation

Jewelry Creation

Nanocrystal Creation

Notum Nuggets

Small Ingot Processing


Multi-Purpose Tuner


Galactic Jewel

Jewelry Creation

Pocket Boss Guide

Repairing Nano Crystals


Alien Playfields Loot Drop Guide

APF Loot Tradeskills

APF Nano Guide

Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer

Nano Controller Unit

Nophex Cube Guide

Player City Building Guide

Sector 10 Tradeskills Guide



AC Enhancing Stims

Bacchante's Anun Wings

Creation of nano stims

Implant Disassembly Clinic

Special Emergency Treatment Laboratory

Special Stims and Kits

Standard Emergency Treatment Laboratory

Treatment Laboratories and First-Aid Kits

Treatment Libraries


Ancient Spirit Stims

Android NCU Injector

Box of Silirrion Scones

Frozen Yutto Remedies


Biotech Rod Rings (Glowing, Dark, Pulsing)



Charged Liquid Bomb

Crude Upgrades

Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol Upgrade

Eyemutant Orb Laser

ICC Shuttleport Island Weapons Upgrade

Improving Faded Immortal Katana

Improving Melee Weapons

Mausser Chemical Streamer

May Fly Throwing Grenade

Sealed Weapon Receptacles

Special Arrows

The -000 weapon upgrades

Upgrading Cyborg Barracks weapons

Upgrading Mantis Weapons


Blade of Khione's Will

Ice of Albtraum Arrows

Perennium Weapons

Prohibited Hand-Mortar of Bacam-Xum

Sword of Dawn/Dusk


Codex of the Insulting Emerto

Upgrading Alien Weapons

Weapon Upgrades: an overview


Upgrading Ofab weapons



iMatrix <download> <file> 3.17MB
ClickSaver  <download> full working. 624KB


Items generator

Color Coding

Guild Script Editor

Armor Config

Perk Planner

Token Boards

Implant Designer

Pattern Matcher  Pattern Matcher is a program that will collect backpack inventory contents (similar to how AOIS does) and analyze your "pocket boss" pattern pieces. It will then create lists of pattern pieces that can be used to create a full pattern, along with a graph of left-over pattern pieces.
Item Assistant  AO Item Assistant is a program you run while you play Anarchy Online. The program keeps track of all your backpacks and their contents, including your inventory and bank. The result is stored in a local database that is searchable even when not playing Anarchy Online.


:: AO RefMaker <download> 13.9KB



:: Download IGNbot  full working.

:: Vhab's Wonderful Bookmarks of Love and Peace

:: Hackers Quest


Inventory Programs

:: AO Inventory System

:: Kurens


Skins (none tested)

:: Internal GUI

:: JimSkin

:: RightSkin

:: SymbSkin

:: Skinning, a reference


Item Lookups



Character Lookup

:: Character Lookup

:: Auno's Character Database

:: AO-Char Setup <download> 3.69MB


Weapon Analyzers

:: AO Weapon Analyzer v1.5 <download> 1.69MB

:: Weapon Analyzer Lite v1.1.0 <download> 11.3KB

:: Damage Dumper



:: Vhab's Wonderful Bookmarks of Love and Peace

:: Glarawyn's Apf Timer

:: Pattern Matcher

:: Character Profiler

:: Log Reviewer

:: Chat Alert!

:: Pet Namer

:: Note Taker 9000 <download> 294KB

:: AO Mapper

:: BMP/PNG to .jpeg converter <download> 275KB

:: Status Reporter 1.2 <download> 12.2KB

:: AO Stats 1.0 <download> 811KB

:: AO Pad 1.5 <download> 4.3MB

:: AmacrO v1.1.0 <download> 2.3MB

:: AO Engineer DB 1.1 <download> 22.9KM



:: RK

:: Hollow Island

:: Mercs

:: AoForge

:: SL

:: Greek Bosses in Scheol

:: Aliums



:: Biomare

:: Cyborgs Barracks

:: ICC Shuttleport Island

:: Steps of Madness

:: Temple of the Three Winds

:: The Condemed Subway

:: Cyborg Domain

:: Daria Marie Walzer

:: Elian Zuwadza

:: Escaped Garantula

:: Iron Reet

:: Marcus Robicheaux

:: R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit

:: The Crypt of Home

:: The Smugglers Den

:: Torrith the Ancient

:: Abandoned Facilities (Biodomes)

:: Camelot Castle

:: Clan Modified Battledroids

:: Colonel Frank Kaehler

:: Cyborg Dyna Bosses

:: Cyborg Strongholds

:: Diamondine Soldier

:: Dustbrigade outpost

:: Fiery Soldier

:: Inside the Machine

:: Jack "Leg-chooper" Menendez

:: Kelly Frederickson

:: Mick 'Nugget' McMullet

:: Notum Soldier

:: Omni-AF Armour

:: Professor Van Horn

:: The Inner Sanctum

:: The Mercenaries

:: The One

:: The Pest

:: Alien Motherships

:: BattleStations

:: Clan Camps (Omni Quests)

:: Omni Camps (Clan Quests)


Special Shops

:: Fixer Shop

:: Tower Shops

:: Tsunayoshi Smith

:: Zoftig Blimp





n00b Corner

:: Noob Island Guide


:: Title Levels

:: Whompa Guide

:: Subways

:: Nanotechnology

:: Combat

:: Implant Guide

:: Doctor Drake Quests

:: Missions

:: Evades

:: Grid

:: Maps & Map Ugrades

:: Skills

:: Buffs

:: NCU

:: Aggro Defense Slider

:: XP

:: Tirbo Ratcatcher

:: Character Creation

:: Breeds

:: Professions

:: Grouping Guide

:: Newbie Guide

:: Roleplaying 101








Alien Armor QL Calculator  Visit AO!

QL of Armour you want to make  

Bio-Material needs to be QL:

Second Bio-Material needs to be QL:


Kyr 'Ozch Viralbots needs to be QL:


Second Kyr 'Ozch Viralbots needs to be QL:


Lead Viralbots needs to be QL:

Second Lead Viralbots needs to be QL:


Viralbot Calculator

QL of the Viralbot
Highest Ql Armor this will make:


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[Raid] Ariiadne: im supposed to kill alien cocoon? this whole time ive been opening trade and giving credits...

[Clan OOC] Ariiadne: [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: mt! [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: i gave that stallion Denver Hijack a 9.4 !

[Clan OOC] Ariiadne: mt!


[Clan OOC] Rubydin: how can i get rookie dog tags without getting whomped on? [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: level [Clan OOC] Rubydin: in the subway? [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: in perpetual wastelands [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: what lvl are you? [Clan OOC] Rubydin: im lvl 35 [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: yah perpetual wastelands

[Clan OOC] Samalander: you can pay for more then one month at a time, but you pay it all upfront [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: so if they gonna shut down game (like they are next week) you are out 3 months or 9 months or whatever... [Clan OOC] Binashe: why are they shutting the game down/for how long? [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: forever [Clan OOC] Ariiadne: bankruptcy [Clan OOC] Binashe: . . . they're ending anarchy online? [Clan OOC] Zenne: they are?? [Clan OOC] Binashe: i thought they were coming out with another expansion [Clan OOC] Nebuer: Are you serious?!



ill hurt j00...