Back in the days of old internets, there was no such thing as "trolling."  I mean there was, because we did it a lot, but it had no specific name for it.  We'd just go and fuck with people until they would leave.  Then we'd fuck with somebody else.  These comment threads are from Napster mostly, back when it was free and there were thousands of people in the chatrooms at any given time, around 2000/2001.  We'd pick a victim, mess with them, and then copy and paste it.  It was some of my first experiences at being a troll.  It was a lot of fun, and we'd call it tagging.  Well I would, my brother didn't call it much, or even do it much.  So a few of these are my brother's, but most of them are mine (I'm Dante.)  Visit my website for artwork, music, videos and other things that I've done.  Thanks for stopping by!


Tag 1

Tag 2 - Sassy

Tag 3 - Busta

Tag 4 - Contradiction

Tag 5 - Cutiepie

Tag 6 - Shadow

Tag 7 - Freezing

Tag 8 - Highway

Tag 9 - hahaha

Tag 10 - sexybabe



Tag 1 - Angel

Tag 2 - Marching Band Kicks Ass

Tag 3 - Wiggin

Tag 4 - Westside

Tag 5 - Aussie1

Tag 6 - Aussie 2

Tag 7 - Ruff

Tag 8 - Korea

Tag 9 - All high n shit

Tag 10 - Yank This

Tag 11 - Mr. Jangles