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I love making these.  The results are spectacular.  I've made 62 so far, I can't stop, it's too much fun, and the possibilities are endless.  Smokey, ghostlike and exquisitely beautiful.  I had just posters until recently, when I decided to start putting them on all products a little bit at a time.  The categories that have all products are split into ShatterLinez Gear and ShatterLinez Posters.


Rorschach Inkblots


I have put up 6 different versions:  Those with just the picture, those with the picture and what most people think they are, the inkblots all fractal'd out, colored collage of single designs, colored collaged of single designs with a title, and 10 different collages of all, with 2 prominent in the center so each single design is prominent on at least 2.  Each design can be found on all products.


Hawt pinup girls from the 20s.  12 Different designs, both normal and fractal blur, a standalone design called Girls Girls Girls! - which features many different smaller pinup girls in one huge collage.



Unique and wonderful and beautifully rendered nebulae/sun/space art depicting alternate universes and different planes of existence.  9 different designs.


13 different crazy designs, this picks up where SYSTEM left off.  Insane alternate dimensions.

Snow Hunter


A snow leopard manipulated and made all trippy.  Check the 6 different styles out!


4 great neony light designs to make you remember your raver days or to get you amped for tonight's rave.

Flower Implosion

An experiment.  I took the neon flowers from my Happy Mothers Day cards (which I have since gotten rid of because I had like 3 views on em in a year and a half and they just were cluttering up my store) and superimposed them with the AlienUniverse chaos.  7 different designs.



Comes in a Collage of all and 6 single versions.


Strange Lakes sent through the fractal process.  8 different designs.


Several different girl's faces fractaled to Albuquerque and back.  7 different designs.

AngryBot LoveBot

One's really mad and looks like it wants to destroy you.  One's holding a heart and looking like it wants you to love it.  It's a hard choice.

Dutch Ceramic Tiles

A great design I found from an old book out of copyright.  Very detailed and lovely.

Forlorn Sovereign

A disturbing tree on a winter's night.


Neony butterflies that look absolutely beautiful on all products.  4 different designs.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt pictures that are actually from ancient Egypt times!


Crazy line imagery that looks fantastic on all products, but especially shoes and ties.  Gotta check it out!

Living Landscapez

My adventures with Bryce 6.0.  3 different designs so far, but I hope to add more in the future.  Bryce is amazing!

The Stock Exchange

You cannot hide from the... uh, Stock Exchange...  Comes in a variety of different styles.  A moonlit sky with solid background, solid colors with no background so whatever background color you choose shows through, a weird circly background, and some collages.

The Displacer

Odd crazy cat displacing itself.  Located in the Destroyed By Design category.

A Tree

A tree I took a picture of.  You can add your own words via the customization option at Zazzle.  Make it a lovely motivational statement.  Or some sort of religious thing.  Or a declaration for how much you love somebody.  I have also done a few sample quotes, just to show it off, but you may like those as well.


The world - bitomized!  Comes in large bits and small bits.


I took an old kissy photo and fractaled the frick out of it.  It looks sick!


Dangerous silver balls with red eyes.  Update:  run for your life.

Deformed Robot

A picture of a robot that I distorted and traced over in photoshop.


Weirdo persian rug fx


An i and a heart which I then washed.


Super weirdo persian rug fx again.

Little Man In A Web

Another weirdo persian rug effected pic, it turned out to look kinda like a little man caught in the center of a web.  I dunno what the other white things are.


Cyborg computers that just wanna be friends.


Old pictures of ladies in dresses which I then washed.  Looking good ladies!


These little sheep made for a great design =)


Several designs of black shadowy figures.  Look good on pretty much anything!

The White Rabbit

The white rabbit don't care.  The white rabbit don't give a shit.


I was trying to recreate this awesome poster hanging behind this electronica musician I saw in a picture.  Kinda worked.



I make electronica.  This is some of the artwork for my cds and other promotional stuff.



3 different styles of color burned tribal snowflakes.


Punk Rock Pandas!


2 different kinds of punk rock pandas!



6 different Angel designs, used to be just posters and business cards, but I have since put them on all products!  Beautifully rendered, dark and creepy at the same time.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Posters

Currently 71 to choose from, many different styles and artwork!  I saw the new Disney one and it's really good.  But this is not connected to that in any way.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Other Stuff

Nothing to do with Disney's movie, but still awesome nonetheless.  Several different designs.



4 different types of tribal Dragons!

The Heretic

Creepy fleshy tunnely thingy.

Background Noize

A Huge new line, a ton of different designs.  Eerie and creepy, beautiful and mindblowing, you gotta check these out!  46 different designs so far!


Rocketz!  Located in the Destroyed By Design category.


Weird nuclear reaction diagrams.  Located in the Destroyed By Design category.


Again something to do with nuclear reactions.  Located in the Destroyed By Design category.


Glowy neony ball in a pair of hands.  Have a ball with ChaosBall!  You be ballin' with a ChaosBall shirt.  People would most definitely think you were going balls to the walls with a ChoasBall poster.  Ok, that's all I got...


Something about this kid doesn't seem quite.. *ZAP*


ElectricBoy's big sister.  2 different backgrounds.

Herbert Railton

An old artist who did amazingly detailed works.  Check it out.  Several different designs.



Dark skull imagery.  Very cool!


Very odd, disregard the zazzle thingy over it, that of course won't be on it, but check it out because there's more to it then it actually seems.

Wrath Of Grapes

Sinister-looking grape spinny thing with crazy background.  I don't know either, just buy it.




Disturbing picture that resulted from lack of sleep and too much free time with photoshop.  Idk wtf it is, but it's creepy.


Very odd tumbling mass of colors of what looks to be black barbed wire.  Buy it so I don't feel so strange for making it.


Strange Paintings sent through the fractal process.

YouMa Baby

3 Different Kinds - YouMa Regular Baby all fractaled out, YouMa Collage Baby, which is a collage of all the fractal babies, and YouMa Alien Baby, which is an alien baby all fractaled out.




Used to play this game on my old Atari 2600.  I had the attachable front for the ColecoVision.  I played this game to death.  Level 3 all the way!  Did you know this game contained the first Easter Egg ever?




Abstract Universes and Alternate Planes of Existence.

Bear Country - Prepare to Die


A bear standing up.  Prepare to die.

Bear Army

Tiny killer bears in the alpha 419'er formation.


City Burning.


Dark and morbid pic of a city on fire with red fire.  The worst kind.

The Winding Worm


4 different styles.  An odd winding tribal art worm.



Tribal tiger face art in 2 different styles.


10 different designs of numbers numbering 1 through 12.  The colors are what are cool about these, check em out.  Maybe get em for a child's room?



Your guess is as good as mine.  Disgusting but cool at the same time haha.


The Loneliest Clown

Hey, it's me! =)  Taken around halloween 2001, it took me about an hour and a half to put all that makeup on.  It was a great party!

Halloween 2010, 2011, 2012, whatever

Some awesome Halloween designs.  Comes on a variety of products.


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