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Welcome to the White Cycle Website.  Where Rasta music is like Reggae music.

Welcome all new members. 

Well Nozick sent me an email saying he deleted his accounts.  I guess it was inevitable but its still sad.  Seeya later buddy =)


As nozick was the bot holder, we needed a new bot so after some help from Npoint one of the ign admins I setup my own bot, running on my machine.  Its your basic IGNbot but it is very nice.  I like it alot.  i dont know much about phhp or perl so bare with me while i try to figure it out.  Hopefully i can keep my machine on all the time, but if nozbot goes offline, it should only be at most 9 hours before i come back (from work).


anyways its name is Nozbot and /tell nozbot help for all the commands it can do.


Ring of Destruction and New World Order have been pestering us lately.  Keep an eye out for them.


Got a base in athen shire, it was destroyed by RoD, and NWO set up a base there, then we attacked RoD in holes in the wall, and won, but base was destroyed by RoD and NWO.  silly tower battles...


anyways enjoy the new bot and tower battle fun in the weeks to come.




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White Cycle Rules  General Rules of this org

Events/Meetings  A time and place to post upcoming events

Applications  Get Recruited today!  new applicants needed

Report Bad Behavior  Got Screwed by us?  Post it here!

Chit Chat  Its the little things really...

Public Feedback  Complaints/Praise

White News  Current News

Towers  Tower discussions

Member Discussion  Members talking about Members

Items/Services offered/wanted  Stuff you want!

Supbot  Got a function you think would be kewl?  post it!

Rubi-Ka  Discuss the land of Rubi-Ka

Shadowlands  Discuss the land of Shadowlands



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How to Make Tier 1 Armor  Shows where to find items needed and how to make Tier 1


How to Make Tier 2 Armor  Shows where to find items needed and how to make Tier 2


SphereMap  SL Map that has everything from dynacamps to land control areas to yuttos camps to brink mobs to quest npcs to static dungeons.


Inferno Boots Quest  Detailed instructions on how to get your inferno boots and get rid of that dang DoT. 


Listing of What PBosses Drop  listing of Pbosses and their ql and their loot and their loots ql.


Funcom announces "Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion"  press release


How To Twink  by me.


Zodiac Bosses  Deadly pandemonium bosses and their sweet loot.  also see the boss of all SL


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-June 2  Added a New Shoutbox.  old one died for some reason, no clue as to why.  updated about and recruiters.

-Feb 9, 2004  Making a new look to the website.  Updates to come.  Its much easier for me to post info and do things i wanted to do with this new setup.  Havent gotten to some pages - Photos and maybe a couple others, hopefully will soon.

-Dec 15th  Updated and Did Stuff!  Woot for not being lazy!

-Nov 9  Added links like kurens helpbot forum list maker thingy to consortium, added some orgs to quick org section under about us, updated everything.

-Sept 26  Added some pics below as kind of a this is us kind of thing.  Redid the consortium page check it out!

-Sept 24, 2003  Added over 30 photos.  Added to towers and updated some other pages.



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Side Bar:

White News:  A place to put all current events, happenings, announcements or just talk about what is going on.  Current News.


Guestbook:  Sign the Guestbook!  and be one of the many tens of thousands who have also signed!  And how bout that background music?


Guest Map:  Where do you hail from!?  post it on the Guest Map, where you get to put a little person on where you are at in the world and add a comment if you want..


WC Forums:  Our forum website.  here you can find info, recruitment options, complain, praise, and talk about anarchy in general.  See above for a listing of all individual topics.


WC Chatroom:  nobody goes there.  at least we have one =P


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Arii VS.:  Fun with photoshop


Top Bar:

Photos:  See a bunch of pictures i have taken on my many travels thru rubi-ka and shadowlands.  you can also email me a pic as well, and i will try to get it posted asap.


About Us:  Info on us, our stats, org set up, generals and other vital data on White Cycle


Recruiters:  A listing of all the ones who can recruit.  Find one and ask them to join you.  Alternately, apply to get recruited at our applications thread in our forum section.


Consortium:  Very Very Helpful database will many links to the sites most needed during your travels thru rubi-ka and shadowlands.  There are also links to voicepaks and helpful gadgets and tools that make life much more interesting/easier.


Towers:  Passworded.  Info on how tower battles/tower setups work and the location of our current towers.


Home:  take a wild guess.


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