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New PinUpz Watches (22 Different Girls!)

Posted by – August 7, 2013



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Popular Items For The End Of 2012

Posted by – December 19, 2012

Here are some popular items in my store.  Click any of the pics to see the top 90.


This year, my 5th on Zazzle, has been my most successful year yet! If you are one of the fantastic individuals who has bought something from me this year or in the past years, thank you very much! The money I make on Zazzle goes to a good cause – Me, and into the making of my music. I hope to add some keyboards and chaos pads to my music in the near future, and any sales I make is certainly helping me to reach my goals. Also, I’m hugely in debt due to working the last 15 years at shit jobs, lol.

For those of you that have never seen my stores: I try to make things that please and offend, that are funny, witty, cynical, that make people think, or are just plain weird. I like to make a lot of abstract art, so there’s plenty of that sprinkled in. Weighing in at almost 30,000 products for BlackOgre Online SuperStore alone there’s surely something you’d like! If you have a chance, please visit my stores, and, if you would be so kind, help me out. I truly appreciate my fans, or anyone that looks at my stuff for that matter. I’m just a speck in the big internet universe after all, to get you to come to my blog or my store, just to appear at all on google results, has been a long and arduous task. I really do appreciate you all coming here. Thankssomuch!


Posted by – October 17, 2012

I thought these were funny.  Better get used to them, it doesn’t look like they’re gonna stop any time soon.

Edit:  They stopped really soon.

Top 10 Products At BlackOgre Online SuperStore July 2012

Posted by – July 29, 2012

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Somebody Please

Posted by – June 20, 2012

hook me up with Catwoman!

Girl Macros

Posted by – June 8, 2012

Pretty much sums it up.

P.S. Either go all small i’s for i or i’m to appeal to netnerds or go all capital I’s to appeal to people who know how to write. The combo just makes me think the person who made this is a textard who doesn’t know proper English and slapped this hallmark bullshit together with a melancholytron-filtered stock photo in 5 seconds. Why not throw some 4s in there for “for” while you’re at it. Have fun making babies and living off the government the rest of your life.

Fucking With Patton Fans!

Posted by – February 20, 2012

Always a fun time, fucking with Patton fans never ceases to amuse.  I got nothing against Mike Patton, I actually like a lot of his stuff, but you can always get a Patton fan riled up by saying the smallest comment, like super-pissed and defensive, and they have like a whole list of Patton facts they spit at you.  Man, you think I just punched your mother in the face or something.  Anyways, I rocked out some pretty good trolls on peeps in this one thread early last year, and:  success!!

PinUp Non 10 Print

Posted by – February 7, 2012


PinUp Non 10 Print

Check out these amazing pinup girls from the early 20s. Wonderful paintings of beautiful women. This one features a gorgeous blond conquistador with a sword sitting on a ledge holding her feathered hat and looking off to the side.

Ladies Ladies Ladies! Poster

Posted by – February 7, 2012


Ladies Ladies Ladies! Poster

*shoots milk out nose* *faints* *jaw drops to ground* *wolf whistle*

PinUpz Girl 4 Stickers

Posted by – February 7, 2012


PinUpz Girl 4 Stickers

Check out these amazing pinup girls from the early 20s. Wonderful paintings of beautiful women. This one features a gorgeous blond with her feet up on her vanity, barely clothed and talking on the phone.