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Posted by – May 24, 2015


My Greatest Troll of the Year

Posted by – December 30, 2012

One day I was youtubing and I found myself watching in awe the video below. It’s all about the Oarfish, I’ve never seen one before and it creeped the hell out of me. Absolutely astounded by the sheer size of it, I cracked my knuckles and began what became my greatest troll of the year. Oh youtube commenters, when will you ever learn not to reply to ridiculous shit?

Note:  InvidiousSless and framrh88 are two friends of mine who I told to go check out what I was doing.  They decided to chime in and help in the rouse.  Thanks guys!

djskagnetti (me) 6 months ago
I am a real life scientist. This fish is a horrible creature and will attack humans on sight, as we are very tasty to them. It’s obvious this monster is stunned due to being shocked with a taser harpoon. A taser harpoon is like a harpoon but has electrodes in the tip of the head, used by whalers and deep sea fishermen alike. When it impales the creature a fishermen delivers over 8,9999 volts into the monster’s body. It’s lucky they did, otherwise everyone in this video would be dead today.

itsthelolocaust 6 months ago
8,9999? You’re not a scientist.

djskagnetti 6 months ago
I must apologize, I just realized that I wrote an extra 9. It’s supposed to be “over 8,999 volts”, not 8,9999. I sometimes get carried away when writing numbers when it comes to this fish because I get so worked up at how clueless people are when it comes to the ferocity of it’s nature.

7t6e354r 5 months ago
hahahahaha i like the 8thousand 9thousand nine hundred ninety nine volts part hahahahaha

ben leasure 5 months ago
8,999?!?!? THATS ALMOST OVER 9000!!!!

MrDuskDemise 3 months ago

thomashud36 3 months ago
Ur a fuking fag dude

MrBible 5 months ago
troll level: 3/10

chemical50crew 5 months ago

draconicindustries 4 months ago
lol scientist pff hahahahahaha

djskagnetti 4 months ago

TheIGots 2 months ago
I’m sorry but I’m not sure I believe you.

djskagnetti 2 months ago
Was it the extra 9 in 8,999? I already addressed this, it was a typo. I apologize for any inconvenience, I just get really worked up when it comes to this 200 foot killer.

TheIGots 2 months ago
Lol yeah that kinda threw me off there. But the part about it being horrible and attacking humans on sight. That’s kind of too brutal for me to believe.

djskagnetti 6 months ago
At 0:30 the wire they are using is chainsaw wire, a wire they use to dismember large fish down to easily portable pieces. An old whaling trick invented in Australia.

itsthelolocaust 6 months ago
That’s a rope, you are literally the worst scientist.

djskagnetti 6 months ago
Notice when the guy says, “this silvery ribbon of the fish.” That’s so it blinds you before it viciously devours you. The thing is diabolical entity second only to Satan himself, I’m telling you!

DynamicCherryz 6 months ago
No, Oarfish are teethless and are harmless. And they live in the deep anyways, so they cant always eat humans. and when they rise to the surface, that is when they die. Oarfish’s diets consist of zooplankton,tiny copepods,and other small creatures in the water.They even might eat small fish or jellies.

djskagnetti 5 months ago
agitated, aroused, berserk, bloodthirsty, brutal, coercive, crazy, cruel, demoniac, desperate, distraught, disturbed, enraged, fierce, fiery, forceful, forcible, frantic, fuming, Furious, headstrong, homicidal, hotheaded, hysterical, impassioned, impetuous, inflamed, intemperate, maddened, maniacal, murderous, potent, powerful, raging, riotous, rough, savage, strong, uncontrollable, unrestrained, vehement, vicious – these are words I think of when I think of this fish.

MegaCodyroberts 5 months ago
Nettie your a stupid bitch its a dossel fish

CommanderBYU 5 months ago
Oarfish are passive. Have you never heard of gentle giants?

theawsomegameteam 5 months ago
Ok, Mr.”Scientist”. This is an Oarfish. it has NO TEETH. it is PASSIVE. it will NOT ATTACK ON SPOT. Plus, it is Fucking HARMLESS. It only eats small things.

And further more, i dont think a Human can fit in his mouth ! -.- Its a getle giant, not all big things are bad

djskagnetti 4 months ago
Wow, Language, Mr.! A piece of a human could! A hand, an elbow, a neck – still very dangerous things to get eaten by an oarfish! BEWARE!

InvidiousSless 4 months ago
That sort of language is despicable! The kind man that pasted this to utube kindly asked people NOT to use the swears cuz uf kids! Kids should’nt read about those f words! Bad!

djskagnetti 4 months ago
That is exactly the kind of thing that I was thinking. Virgin ears over here, guys!

InvidiousSless 4 months ago
I believe in you. I know this is a real-life danger to all humans and animals on the whole Earth!

djskagnetti 4 months ago
Yes! I’m glad somebody can see this monster for what it really is! Thank you!

InvidiousSless 4 months ago
You can tell how dangerous it is by they science of the whole thing. I have read two of your textbooks on ornithology as well.

djskagnetti 4 months ago
Wow, you’ve read my books? You are a saint! It was through a small publishing firm and they’re over 10 years old. I’m surprised anyone has read them at all. Thank you for your patronage! It’s good to know I have fans out there.

InvidiousSless 4 months ago
Ichthyology AND ornithology are VERY important to me, so your books were indispensable. I also care about keeping people and smaller animals from harms way!

framrh88 4 months ago
My brother is missing his finger tip due to this “harmless” animal. He was scuba diving of the Coast of California with some friends. It must have mistaken him for food. To this day he won’t go near the ocean.

InvidiousSless 4 months ago
It is a very dangerous fish. It is documented in books. Sorry about your brother. Will he go in swimming pools and lakes?

framrh88 4 months ago
They don’t have teeth, but they certainly aren’t harmless.

snejanahanadovile 3 months ago
but what prompts them to attack humans? like is there a trigger to the fish, it’s so beautiful and supposedly it was the inspiration to creating a “tender” pokemon, that lives in lakes, called Milotic. and can it live in a huge aquarium, let’s say… like one of those aquariums where there’s millions and millions of gallons of water?

djskagnetti 2 months ago
The only trigger is their insatiable thirst for blood. And yes, it could live in one of those aquariums, but this has been attempted before, and the fish is fine for a while, but then it just goes mad and starts bashing itself against the tank wall. So hard that it either breaks the glass or kills itself. We have tried to figure out why it does this, maybe the pressure is different than it is in the deep sea and discombobulates it’s senses in some way.

snejanahanadovile 2 months ago
aww, that’s a turn down :(

djskagnetti 2 months ago
A turn down indeed. But one thing is for certain, our Institute for Marine Biology located here in Minneapolis, MN, will continue to try raising these horrific monsters in aquariums until we get it right. No matter if we kill hundreds of thousands of oarfish in the process, one day we will prevail!

capete18 2 months ago
“I am a scientist”? Any dummy with a keyboard can learn that oarfish have no teeth, with a diet consisting mainly of plankton and such. Hell, it even states it in the video….shit. I got trolled.

bmxrider2323 2 months ago
okay 1 you are not a scientiest just retarded 2 there is little know about these creatures showing that we are not “tasty” to them and they are very rarley near shore to kill people and thats not a fucking harpoon it is more of a lasso than a harpoon you sir are one dumb mother fukcer

EddardStarkification 4 months ago
your a fucking idiot, its not like this video shows a real life scientist right, and you want to know an even bigger reason your fucking idiot because its called Ichthyology, and if you really claim to be a “real life scientist” you would refer to yourself as a real life Ichthyologist, do yourself a favor and don’t try to act like you know what your talking about when the video itself proves you wrong and your on the internet the biggest source of information that proves you wrong, Mr.Scientist

djskagnetti 4 months ago
I am a real life Ichthyologist. This fish is a horrible creature and will attack humans on sight, as we are very tasty to them. It’s obvious this monster is stunned due to being shocked with a taser harpoon. A taser harpoon is like a harpoon but has electrodes in the tip of the head, used by whalers and deep sea fishermen alike. When it impales the creature a fishermen delivers over 8,999 volts into the monster’s body. It’s lucky they did, otherwise everyone in this video would be dead today.

Happy New Year everybody, have a great 2013!!

Hey You, Pikachu

Posted by – September 3, 2011

This older Mexican man comes through where I work, and he was always really nice, but, from the first time I ever saw him, he would say, as a greeting, “Hey, you, Pikachu!” and at first I thought it was kinda odd, didn’t really think anything of it.  But he kept saying it every time he came in.  And I began to wonder… do I really look like Pikachu?  So I stared at myself in the mirror for a couple hours, and decided that I don’t look one thing like that stupid Pokemon character, big dummy-face Pikachu.