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Picture Dump

Posted by – February 13, 2013

Some pictures I’ve collected to post on facebook pages and other places.  Probably 6-8 months worth, I’ve cut it down to 203 pics.  Enjoy!

Introducing: RTS, SPOOS!

Posted by – January 27, 2013

It means:

Reach Through Screen,

Strangle Person On Other Side!

Which precisely sums up what I wish I could do when somebody posts this lowest common denominator garbage:

never ignore a person

which are bad enough to begin with, but, by the looks of it, now the fucking illiterate are trying their hand at these cocksuckers.  RTS, SPOOS!

Math and Facepalms

Posted by – December 2, 2012

30 Reasons to like Katy Perry

Posted by – June 9, 2012

Haha, see what I did there?

When Mommas Got Her Foodstamps song

Posted by – December 17, 2011

Come on kids,
Momma’s got her foodstamps
Time to get that Faygo

Them chips and dips
And those nuts and cookies
Every dimes gotta go and go and go and go and go and go and go and go and go go

From Swiss Rolls to Tootsie Rolls to Star Crunches to Barbeque Sandwiches
And every day is like Christmas Day ’cause every day is Momma’s day
When momma got her foodstamps.

15 Things White Girls Love To Do On Facebook

Posted by – December 9, 2011

Who’d of thunk that This of all things would turn into a forum for racism? Well, it did – just look at those comments. WTF kind of crack are people smoking, and where can I get some!? If you have nothing better to do than turn a simple list that somebody posted to be funny (and is mostly true) into the next NAACP poster child then you should not be allowed on the internet. /rant

15 Things White Girls Love To Do On Facebook


Posted by – November 10, 2011

Smartasses.net has featured a shirt of mine on their wonderful site!  Check it out under “Chat Room Geeks“!!

It’s the one that says “o.0”

Update: They were nice enough to add two more designs!
1600s Pimp

Thanks again, friends!

Terrorism Tee Shirt from Zazzle.com

Posted by – September 2, 2011

Terrorism Tee Shirt from Zazzle.com.


Terrorism Tee Shirt

City Burning Poster from Zazzle.com

Posted by – June 8, 2011

City Burning Poster from Zazzle.com

City Burning Poster


Swine Flu Sheep Canvas Print from Zazzle.com

Posted by – April 26, 2011

Swine Flu Shot

Swine Flu Sheep Canvas Print from Zazzle.com.