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Welcome to Massachusetts, PREPARE TO DIE!

Posted by – August 26, 2011

Well it started with somebody posting the Vague Status Update that somebody else had posted in their newsfeed on FaceBook:

“A newfound interest in Massachusetts

22 hours ago·”

to which people left the following comments:

– A**** A****:  Great place to bring the newfies.

-Me:  great place to start a forest fire.

-E**** S****:  Love the weather!

-E**** S****:  And the landscape!

-Me:  I really like Massachusetts for their roving packs of killer wiener dogs.

-M*** H**** N******:  Splendid place to kill drifters.


Well, for my second comment I had originally wrote roaming, but was wondering if roving would be a better word.  So I went to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary page to find out.  At the bottom they had a thing asking you what you were gonna use the word for, and you could reply through your FaceBook profile, so I did:

“I was trying to decide whether to use roaming or roving in the sentence “I really like Massachusetts for their roaming/roving packs of killer wiener dogs.””

I don’t know how long it’ll stay up, but here is the link to it.

Which then prompted me to make a picture for it: