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New Album 5.28.13

Posted by – May 16, 2013

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First Single

Posted by – March 2, 2013

This is the first single off my new album called “Please Insert Me” out soon!  If you like it, please like my musician page on facebook – DJ.Skagnetti (in the right-hand column.)  Thanks!!

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Posted by – February 3, 2013

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There Is Only Spartacus

Posted by – January 26, 2013

The first episode of season 4 premiered last night.  When Spartacus rode over the hill in slow motion I was like HOLY SHIT – JOYGASM!!  Then straight into 5 minutes of cgi arterial spray and gore, then straight into titties.  Fuck everything else, there is only Spartacus!


I’ve Moved Home

Posted by – October 6, 2012

I failed at life. Couldn’t find a job for 4 months, put out over 120 resumes, had friends say they can hook me up with jobs and they fell through, walked into all the stores around my apartment, nothing, not even a callback. So my rent was 1800 behind and another month would of put me to at least 2500 behind, and there’s just no way to swing back from that, unless I miraculously got a job for 20 bucks an hour, I’d just be behind for the rest of my residency at that apartment.

So I moved home. A small town of 2900 people. A real backwoods kind of place. But the people are nice, if not slow, and fat, and ignorant, and farmer-y. Hunters who like to drink a lot of beer and watch the ol football game every sunday. Farmers who drive their tractors down the roads at 20 miles an hour. People with the most boring, insignificant stories you could possibly think of. But somehow, I enjoy it, at least a lot more than I thought I would.

The Twin Cities are all fast and crazy and have people who are cooler and better than everybody else. If you can’t help them get ahead, they don’t want to waste their time talking to you. The girls have heard every pick up line in the book, know how to play guys out to get what they want to get ahead. If somebody comes up to you and is really nice, asks how you are doing today, if everything is well – they fucking want something, or they want to sell you something. Nobody is that nice down there without there being a catch.

The people up here may be half-retarded because life is so slow all the time for them, but at least they are Genuine. If they ask how you are doing, they actually want to know how you are doing. It’s really strange! The girls are really nice as well, not that shady shit that I’m used to from them down there, or they don’t want anything to do with you because you don’t make 100,000 a year. They haven’t slept with 200 guys by the time they are 20, or have 10 guys they date until one manages to stand out above the rest enough to make the girl want to exclusively sleep with them. I guess less options for them up here mean more options for me. Let’s face it, I worked in a gas station for the last 7 years, and, although I do do a Lot of shit outside the gas station, they only looked at what I did and instantly deleted me from the list. Yes, I did date a few girls down there, they were ok, but it just never worked out. Country guy and city gal, they just don’t really mix that well. I’m not super outgoing and always keep the conversation going and always have something exciting that I want to do. I’m laid back. I’m easy going. I don’t really care what I do. If I go somewhere, I go somewhere. I’d like to travel, but I really have no sense of adventure, unless the group of friends I’m with has a sense of adventure, then I’ll tag along. I’m just as content playing video games all night on a friday night as going to the bars and partying hard. I’ve partied hard. Trust me, I’ve done my share. I don’t really have the need to do it every friday. Maybe every 7th friday, but not every friday. I just don’t care. Plus, I just didn’t care for most of the people I met down there, they all seemed fake, or cooler than the last cool person you met, who was cooler than the last. Everyone tries so hard to stand out down there I just didn’t even want to bother to try standing out anymore. So I stayed in. Every night. Because it was a lot more fun hanging out with myself than hanging out with a bunch of fake, supercool citiots.

Up here I’ve already met a ton of nice people and even a couple cool girls. I put in an application on thursday and got a job that friday. I got another job a week later. I’m living at my mom’s, sure, but I’m not paying for anything, she cooks awesome meals, and buys me things that I wouldn’t normally have the money or means to go out and buy down in the cities (license is suspended, relied on bus lines to get to places.) Every cent I earn is Profit! Yes I can rant all I want about how girls only care about money, but in reality, my life is a mess – why should they take on all that baggage. I can’t drive, I couldn’t find a job, I smoked way too many cigarettes, my teeth are in pretty bad shape, and I am in up to my neck in boiling hot debt. I am lucky to have this “time out” where I don’t have expenses at all, or very little at most. I’ve already done more in the last month of living up here to better myself than I have done in the last 5 years. I’m getting my shit together. And it seems I’m in good company whilst doing so.

So living in a small town isn’t so bad, who knows – maybe I’ll stay? Nah, I don’t think so. But I’ll at least (relatively) enjoy my time I have to spend here.

“New” Free Album

Posted by – July 2, 2012

First album in 4 years, first free album in 7 years. An old album I had been working on since 2003, and then my hard drive crashed in ’09 and I lost all the files. Luckily I had uploaded a bunch of the songs to my website and found them again. Fixed em up best I could, and now I have a new free 25 song album for download – Go check it out!

Fucking With Patton Fans!

Posted by – February 20, 2012

Always a fun time, fucking with Patton fans never ceases to amuse.  I got nothing against Mike Patton, I actually like a lot of his stuff, but you can always get a Patton fan riled up by saying the smallest comment, like super-pissed and defensive, and they have like a whole list of Patton facts they spit at you.  Man, you think I just punched your mother in the face or something.  Anyways, I rocked out some pretty good trolls on peeps in this one thread early last year, and:  success!!

Tommy The Terrible Kangaroo 4 Greeting Card

Posted by – February 7, 2012


Tommy The Terrible Kangaroo 4 Greeting Card

Tommy the Terrible Kangaroo says terrible things. Such an adorable smiling little bastard, how could he think to say such over the line offensive things?

More Vague Status Updates

Posted by – December 28, 2011

“Co-sign or no-sign.
2 hours ago”

“I want to play for you next year. That’s all I want to do.
50 minutes ago”

“Are you ready to live for the right reasons, or not live for the wrong ones…
Like · · 4 hours ago near Minneapolis ·”

“Dear creep ass… quit staring at me.. k thanks :)
Like · · 3 hours ago”

“I’m convinced that its your goal every morning when you wake up to put me on edge.
Like · · about an hour ago via BlackBerry ·”

“I never stay the Same I’m always Different in everyway..the only thing that’s the same about me is what I might say!! Repeting myself is what I catch myself doing all the time!!
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“Ahh! Wish I was here. Ive felt like a black sheep with mine so itll be mice to have an inked brother. Have fun!
17 minutes ago · Like”

“Give 6 guys a cattle prod. Nothing really good happens…. Getting shocked by 8,000 volts hurts…
Like · · 2 hours ago via Mobile ·”

“oh sleepy sleepy, but cant fall asleep… sucky!! but i had a great day and going for another tomorrow!!! :-) YAY
38 minutes ago”

“Life is great!!! clear minded, knowing what i gotta do is great!!! feeling uplifted tonight :)
2 minutes ago”

“I think I hibernated a little in the bed today. Whoops.
5 hours ago”

“No one ever pays me in gum:(!
Like · · 56 minutes ago ·”

“Out to dinner and then out for a night out!
Like • • Share • 34 minutes ago”

Like · · Share · 22 minutes ago ·”

“Orange juice farts. That is all.
Like · · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:56am”

“HOLY SHIT!!! That’s all…..
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“It’s been over a year since I last…
Like · · about a minute ago via mobile ·”

“3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks!!! I’m soooooooo excited!!! ♥
Like • • Share • about an hour ago”

“I love you. But why I love you. I never know.
Like · · about an hour ago via mobile ·”

“I’m putting this as my status again… The word “FAIR” is a non existing word…
53 minutes ago · 1 · Like · Comment”

“Sorry this message cannot be processed.
Like · · 9 hours ago via mobile ·”

“Flies through the air with the greatest disease, takes little pills and calls them trapeze…
Unlike · · Follow Post · Monday at 11:53pm via mobile”

“It’s …..it’s a Dinosaur.
11 minutes ago via mobile”

“****** RidinSolo *****
Starting to cut some people off… If you questioning this then yep you are it!!!!

Then gotta think about moving, so suggestions are being taken thinkin bout “Duluth”?
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“My best friend isnt coming up, got myhopes up again :( cant even see the friends that are here because some jackass is a control freak. Cheers to selfishpeople :)
Like · · 7 hours ago via mobile ·”

“wow…nothing like getting pissed right on xmas…thanks for the gift of jealousy
Like · · about an hour ago ·”

“Maybe you should stick to guys your age, and stop always trying to go after your family’s OLDER boyfriends…. actin’ like a hohohoeeee!
Like · · 9 hours ago via mobile ·”

“Just found out that we’ll be having a double truck tomorrow, so I get to go to bed at 4:30pm tonight to get up at 11:30pm, to work 1am-5am….
Like · · about an hour ago ·”

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, Batman smells, and Robin layed an egg!! Oh that Shamanism!! Bats and Robins and things a jinglin!! …..
Like · · about a minute ago ·”

“Just called the Hall and Oates emergency phone line
Like · · about an hour ago”

“Hey honey where is my lexus??? Bummer
Like · · 11 minutes ago ·”

“Check it out sauerkraut!
Like · · 2 minutes ago ·”

“Why the fuck didn’t I get a gift receipt!
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“I’m feelin’ sexy and free, like glitter’s rainin’ on me.
Like · · Follow Post · Sunday at 8:41pm”

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“I almost made it through Christmas;(
Like · · 18 minutes ago”

“Thank you God for saving me from sin and for a white christmas in MI with my wonderful, beautiful Carla and her parents.
Like · · about an hour ago via mobile ·”

“sometimes a man can get carried away when he feels he should be having his fun. much too old to just break free and run, too young to see the damage he’s done
about an hour ago”

“The pope is live on tv doing mass before he goes back to his usual schedule of keeping the molestation of children within the churches as secret as possible. Fuck christmas and fuck you.
Like · · 2 hours ago via mobile · .”

“My christmas curse lives on.
13 hours ago via TweetDeck”

“Potato Peelers are dangerous.
Like · · 14 minutes ago ·”

“funny things are fun.
3 hours ago”

“oh and next time u hear of me, ill be bangin in your headphones
2 hours ago”

“I enjoyed making that. I might just have to share.
16 minutes ago”

“Thankyou retina team for coming to visit me!!!
Like • • 2 hours ago •”

“Guess who’s gonna eat toast. This girl. Aww yeah.
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“sometimes waiting can be really hard to do
Like · · 3 hours ago ·”

“swallowed his pride and buried the hatchet.
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“i have a business idea. my cat walks around with a fluffy, soft ball in her mouth, so i think we should sew fake moustaches onto cat-toy balls.
Like · · 3 hours ago near Minneapolis ·”

“Refuse to let your pass paralyze your today.
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LOL Happy Holidays all. Seeya next year! =)

Dragon Scale Laptop Sleeve

Posted by – December 28, 2011


Dragon Scale Laptop Sleeve