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Kylea and Josh’s Big Day

Posted by – June 2, 2015

kylea and joshs big day

White Wedding

Posted by – April 2, 2015

The posts are set to replies so the first couple were cut off (underneath this post.)  They deleted it and I refreshed and it was gone.  But basically a couple people said, “No.” or “No, it is not.” in answer to her question, which is why I say, “You have our answer.” at the start of the post.

part one

white wedding 1

part two

white wedding 2

They said a few things after that and when I went to see it the post was deleted =/.

Marijuana Makes You Violent

Posted by – March 8, 2013

Here is a great facebook page to visit! Marijuana Makes You Violent

Have awesome conversations like this one!

marijuana makes you violent

Introducing: RTS, SPOOS!

Posted by – January 27, 2013

It means:

Reach Through Screen,

Strangle Person On Other Side!

Which precisely sums up what I wish I could do when somebody posts this lowest common denominator garbage:

never ignore a person

which are bad enough to begin with, but, by the looks of it, now the fucking illiterate are trying their hand at these cocksuckers.  RTS, SPOOS!

The Anti-1 Million Likes Group

Posted by – January 22, 2013

If these people:

1)  are serious then they are fucking pathetic

2)  are not serious, they are either:

a)  fucking pathetic

b)  wasting people’s time.  fucking assholes.

c)  going to sell their page with 1 million likes to a band, artist, politician or some other group who are too lazy to generate their own fanbase.  fucking assholes.

Join my facebook group http://www.facebook.com/Anti1MillionLikes dedicated to despising this bullshit.  This is a trend that needs to end now.




Ring In The New Year Right

Posted by – December 20, 2012


This year, why not make a really good New Year’s Resolution for once in your life? Make an oath to yourself, and to the internet, that you will stop posting these bullshit hallmark happy-go-lucky sugar-coated lowest-common-denominator make-everyone-happy waste-of-time fucking cocksucker macros on facebook or anywhere else! If you are the type of person who has to define themselves by retarded quotes then you are exactly the type of person who is nothing like those quotes. Why not make up your own quotes, why not make up your own definition of yourself? Nobody wants to read this shit, nobody cares, nobody thinks it’s sweet or cute or funny or amazing or a life-changer, it’s not going to make a difference in anyone’s day except waste 10-30 seconds of their life, 10-30 seconds that they’ll never get back! YOU ARE ACTUALLY DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD! What does it take for you motherfuckers to understand? So, please, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, have a macro intervention for a loved one, somebody who you know is making these, or even an intervention for yourself if you can’t stop posting these. MAKE A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION THAT WILL HELP EVERYONE!

shitty hallmark macro


Cycling Through Strangers’ Facebook Pics

Posted by – December 18, 2012

stranger's facebook pics


And there’s always the best friend who comments, “OMG YOU LOOK SOOOO CUTE!”

Girls Who Post About Girls

Posted by – August 7, 2012

What do you see when you see these 2 girls?  This is from a site called Quote Portal, which is basically a bunch of 13 year olds whining about how hard life is and posting stupid quotes.  The concept is you post something, people like it or don’t like it, and then it ranks the quotes according to likes.  So somebody posted this picture today with the caption, “Too much make up = LIKE. Normal = COMMENT.” – which of course, even though explained in the simplest textspeak english that even the dumbest teenager could understand, people couldn’t just follow the ‘rules’ and like it if they didn’t like the appearance of these 2 girls, and by people I mean girls.  They just had to jot down their cunty opinion too, couldn’t just like it and leave it at that, no!  “I’ve got to say something about this!” said the cunty girls.  Here are some comment walls of said cunty opinions, just some of the over 2300 comments left in the last 11 hours, and I’m not blanking out the names, these girls deserve to be remembered forever as the cunts they are:

Now granted, there were a smattering of guys here and there, and a few girls who did actually offer positive remarks (I wonder if that hurts them physically?), and I’m wondering if there was kind of a “jump on the bandwagon” kind of mentality going on here?  Like cuntiness attracts more cuntiness – “Ohhhh, what that girl said was a pretty good cunty remark, and, even though she is an ugly whore whom I’ve never met but really hate almost as much as these two blonde hookers, I’m going let that set the bar for my cunty remark, except my comment will be way better than hers.”  Otherwise I pretty much went in order, left to right, 1-8, I skipped some bullshit advertising (brilliant product placement idea, fuckface), and a couple times where guys commented more than girls (just to keep a theme) – they were mostly like “I would totally fuck them and cum in them and stuff” anyways (like most dumb fucking guys do on pictures of girls, no matter what they look like) plus the guys who mostly say the same things as the girls do were probably just saying that in the off chance that they would get to fuck one of them someday (which is the normal motivation for most guys who always agree with girls and take the girl’s side.)

Beyond that small disclaimer (and the *very few* nice girl opinions) this is a fine example of how girls really are.  Disturbing, to say the least.  What the fuck is wrong with people?  Who the fuck are you cunts to say anything?  What in your head makes it right to comment so negatively on two girls whom you’ve never met, will most likely never ever meet, know nothing about, and will probably never see again?  You are on the internet so you think you are anonymous?  You aren’t anonymous, and now everybody can see you and what you said.  I hope a billion people come here and see your cunty remark and remember your name and picture and one day meet you on the street and shout “CUNT!” in your face.  Because that’s what you are.  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, which translates to never talk again.

Let me put it another way:  when was the last time you saw two thousand plus dudes commenting negatively on another dude’s picture (not counting Justin Bieber, he’s not a dude anyways, he’s some sort of alien hermaphrodite.)  Yes I just said a cunty remark about Justin Bieber, but he’s Justin Bieber.  Musicians, while people too, are celebrities, and, along with sport stars, actors and politicians, have to take a lot of shit just because they are in the spotlight all the time and, face it, you just can’t make everyone in the world like you.  I don’t know Justin Bieber, I know I don’t like his music, beyond that I don’t give two fucks about him, and wouldn’t go out of my way to comment something mean about his appearance.  Well, beyond this blog post hahaha.  For some reason dudes just hate Bieber, so I thought it would be relevant to exempt him from the choices.  But I digress… My point is is that these two blonde girls are 2 nobodies that none of these people know, who commented on their status just out of pure malice when they were supposed to *only comment* if they liked them, or, according to the description, thought they were “Normal”, whatever the fuck normal means.  And out of those 2300+ comments, I’d say 85-90% of them were girls posting negative comments.

One thing to note is that I believe these are Halloween costumes that the two blonde girls were planning on going as.  Which, if true, makes the girls who commented even more cuntacious because it’s not even what they look like normally!

Another thing that blows my mind, and is well-demonstrated by a comment thread like this,  is how stupid and unoriginal people really are.  jesus christ – way to kill the Oompa Loompa joke – “DERP DERP OOMPA LOOMPA DERP!” (which, according to IMDB and other sources, is the correct way to spell it – if you’re going to kill a joke like that at least spell the character you are referencing correctly.)  Also –  “They look like they glow in the dark/put a blacklight on them I bet they glow.” – how does that even make sense?  And –  “They looked like they rolled around in Doritos/Cheetos.” – which, yes, they kind of do look like that, but then again – shut the fuck up.  “Whores/sluts” – who the fuck are you, bitch, to say anything about people you know absolutely nothing about?  I mean why even bother?!?

I’m no psychologist, but negative behavior like this can’t be good for you.  Analyzing it, I want to say they are jealous/envious of these girls?  They know these girls probably get a lot of attention, which they probably don’t get, and therefore have to talk shit to try and get them down to their level?  It’s all about competition for a man to get them pregnant so they can pass their genes on to a new generation and their bloodline survives while others fail?  And by talking shit they might fool the ‘good’ man that would normally go after these girls into getting them pregnant instead?  Wow, it must be really fucked up to live your life continuously competing to lay on your back and spread your legs for the best possible genetic makeup you can find so he can ejaculate inside you and the next generation is born.

All in all, kudos to those who said some actual positive things in this fucking idiotic facebook thread.  And fuck off and die to those cunts who can’t keep their mouths shut without something degrading spouting out of it.  I hope your genetic code goes Nowhere, so one day my kids, if I even want to bring kids into this world after seeing shit like this, don’t have to listen to your cunty kids spout off bullshit on whatever social media site everybody uses in the future.



Posted by – June 8, 2012

I used to think these were kind of funny.  Like 6 fucking months ago.  They were witty at times (6 months ago), off-the-wall, come-at-you-from-nowhere at other times (6 months ago.)  Some were a little bit offensive (6 months ago), some used just the right amount of swearing (6 months ago.)  And I like the style of art the pictures use – solid color with old-timey looking vector art.  But lately it seems that every single person on facebook, especially (quote on quote) humor groups have figured out that these are a (quote on quote) good solution when they run out of actual funny stuff.  Which, it seems, they run out of actual funny stuff a lot.  “Hrm, can’t scour google images or macro sites hard enough to find anything good, so I’ll just post another ecard so people still think I’m funny.”  Look, it’s simple:  if you’re going to make a humor group on facebook (or anywhere), make sure you have the following things accounted for:

1)  You’re funny enough to make your own funny shit.

2)  You’re good enough with the interwebz to know how to look for funny things, ie, things that are actually funny.

3)  Make sure you add other people who are funny to pick up the slack, or all the slack if you’re not funny.  But if you’re not funny, then you shouldn’t have made a “humor group”, now should you?

4)  Delete your fucking ecard fap folder for fucks sake.  Last thing people want is to be bombarded by another 10-20 ecard posts a day.




Katy Perry’s Rack/2 Puppets/Best Buy Sucks/Faceeaters/King of Nerds/MUZAK

Posted by – June 3, 2012

I’ve noticed a lot of people looking for Katy Perry’s Tits as a search string.  Naughty naughty =P  If Katy Perry’s tits are on your mind, and, let’s face it, there’s much worse things you could think about, check out this facebook page I found a while ago – Katy Perry’s Rack.  It… well, let’s just say it can probably provide you with what you’re looking for =)

Today I was David Bowie.  Check it on the Ustream video we made today.  I usually just play background music, but today I did my first ad-lib call in segment.  It was a lot of fun!


Just got it up on Youtube so you can watch it here.

I recently heard that Best Buy hires trolls to give people shit who complain on their facebook page about how much they suck.  I myself get trolls all the time on the website I made Best Buy Sucks about, wow, almost 10 years ago now.  Google Best Buy Sucks, mine is the first site =).  Anyways these trolls pose as regular facebookers who deride and generally make a mockery of people who complain on their facebook, trying to make it out to be their faults because they were just a “stupid customer.”  What a bunch of fucks Best Buy are.

Face eating.  Wow, what a fucked up story, amirite?  Ok, done talking about it.  But kudos to the person who made the fake news article about how it was a virus called the LQP-79 virus and has started spreading, people were being quarantined, etc.  I actually just got done rewatching seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead (marathoned all the episodes over the course of 2 days), and it sounded pretty damn real to me, or maybe I was just in ‘zombie mode’ and I could of read anything about zombies and believe, at least slightly, that it was real.  Whatever, it was a well-written troll, and whoever came up with it, I commend you!

Really nerding out with RMXP lately.  Had a lot of free time because I’m unemployed (first time in 7 years, kinda just maxin and relaxin for the time being, because I kind of forgot what that was like)  Sent off a lot of resumes n shit, but in my spare time just been pounding away at my game Dungeon Hunters, which, to tell you the truth, has been a work in progress since my high school days when I programmed rpg games in BASIC.  Started the damn thing 3 times, one was on my friends computer from college which I never finished because school got out and I kind of gave up hope that he kept it after a couple years.  Next one was in Brainerd on my friends laptop.  I hate laptops for the simple fact that they have those little windows below the keys that you scroll with, I just can never get it to work, or I feel like my fingers are going to break trying to click the button while doing, it sucks, it’s like I’ve never touched a computer in my life when I get on a laptop, I just hate feeling computer illiterate when I’m quite the opposite.  Anyways, this was my first time experiencing this kind of scrolly window thing, and everything was going great, had a few thousand lines of code, but then one night I opened a New project by accident, and, through a combination of my laptop scrolly window retardation and fat fingers, somehow saved as the project name when I was trying to close it.  So just lost all that code, never backed it up or anything.  The next time was on my friends Mac in St. Cloud.  I programmed and programmed line after line of code, and the guy deleted the project from his computer because he thought it was taking up too much memory at 3MBs, lol, I guess that was a lot back them.  Then in 2000 RPG Maker came out for playstation – one damn store in all of St. Cloud had it, and it was a display model, but it worked, and I started remaking the game I made in BASIC into RPG Maker, which was great because of all the graphics and everything.  Well, that game was fucked because the way the experience system worked, you got to a certain point and the experience to get to the next level was exactly the same as the experience to get to the last level.  So you fight harder and harder monsters that give more and more experience, but your xp needed to get to the next level never goes up so you start gaining levels faster than the levels before it stopped increasing.  I couldn’t fucking believe it, who in their right mind would program something like that?  Why put a fucking cap on your xp grid?  It makes absolutely no sense – they could of at least motherfucking told you that you did that so you didn’t play through your game, make the game big enough to get to that level and then find out that the next level was going to be easier to get to all of a sudden.  Goddamn that pissed me off.  So I abandoned the whole thing and started remaking it in Liberty BASIC for pc on my very own pc so I didn’t have any worries about motherfuckers deleting it, I made several backups so I didn’t have to worry about me deleting it, and I could create my own xp system that increased gradually and exponentially forever (THE WAY IT FUCKING SHOULD BE.)  But after all was said and done, I learned late last year that there was a new RPG Maker, one for windows, which gave me unlimited space to make it, I could copy and paste and easily type out long paragraphs of dialogue, and I could add my own music and artwork through a simple importing tool.  So I’ve been working on that off and on (long off when Skyrim rolled around) for the past 7 or 8 months, and have gotten pretty far on it.  The battle system is in the style of.. well it’s kind of like Dragon Warrior without the battle going out in text, you can fight up to 8 monsters at once, it’s 32 bit so it’s pretty flashy (as flashy as 32 bit gets), with spell effects like you flash white when you’re Stopped and stuff like that until the status wears off.  It takes place underground and the whole world is a dungeon, ranging from caves to catacombs to dungeons to temples to deserts to forests to swamps and more.  Your characters arrive in this world (you get 4 characters who can use any weapon, armor, accessory and other things, ie, no classes) and you have to battle your way through these dungeons to find certain people to help you get home.  Everything costs money, but since you’re continually fighting stuff that really isn’t a problem, and, over time (over 100 hours my last game, got about 70% through the game, although I did fall asleep at the keyboard a few times) you start to get more powerful and it really gives a sense of accomplishment, not like I’m weak I’m weak I’m weak all of a sudden I’m Amazing.  No, it’s a slow climb, but when you get powerful you are really powerful and you really feel like you’ve earned it.  There are hundreds of items to get, tons and tons and tons of monsters to fight with hundreds of special attacks, you can get dozens and dozens of spells yourself, and you just gradually make your way through these places.  It’s kind of like Metroid in the fact that you can go to one area but you can’t explore the whole area until you go to another area and get an item that allows you to continue in the first area, which leads you to another item that helps you get through another area.  You can find all kinds of secrets, you can bomb the walls like in Zelda and find secret caves filled with wondrous treasures.  It’s also, of course, a lot like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, and pretty much a culmination of every other rpg I’ve ever played.  And I’ve played a Lot.  Before video games even tried to step foot in the RPG realm, I was in that dimly lit room with 4 other nerds playing D&D and any other pen and paper rpg I could get my hands on.  I have made tons of art for it, from icons of items/armor/weapons to monsters to backgrounds to the title screen.  It utilizes Ruby which you can program to calculate stuff like random variables like in BASIC, so I have become pretty adept to pretty fast.  You can import mp3s so I’ve also made music for it using Reason and some other programs.  I also plan on making a website for it soon as well.  It’s like every skill I’ve ever acquired through years of being a giant nerd, every little thing that I’ve liked about every nerdy game I’ve ever played, has led up to this point LOL.  A giant nerdy masterpiece.  Hopefully I can finish it soon, it is draining though, hard to work on it for 24 hours and then get up the same ambition the next day to go just as hard, especially when you get stuck on some tedious thing that refuses to work for you.  But all in all I think I love it!

The latest 2 tracks on my SoundCloud are songs I made for the title screens (which I also made) of 2 ‘Event’ systems that I made as stand alone things that people can download and use for their own game.  One was called “A Sexy Rainstorm” and featured a rainstorm with random thunder, rain effects, and different lengths of lighting (sometimes double flashes.)  The other was called “Bomberpot” which is a mini game where you pick a pot to bomb and if there’s a doll inside you win money.

But, anyways, I’ve been unemployed for 2 months and money is dwindling, so I’m really going hard on the resume thing lately.  Precious Metals – the band that I’m in – is doing great, our songs are getting really tight and we are going to be playing shows in the Twin Cites soon.  I’ve had an offer (don’t know if legit or..) to get some of my Agent Empire – another band I was in a couple years ago – into films and actually get paid for it!  And then there’s Please Insert Me (plays at the top), my own album that I’ve been sitting on for almost 3 years now, just can’t seem to get the time to get together with the guy and putting together a final master for it.  Also doing side projects with ?TV with this puppet show and freestyle jam sessions, where I pretty much sample things and set them to beats and then sample the next thing and layer them and sample something new.  I just do so much all the time that I get sidetracked easily.  It’s hard keeping up on being a nerd, a music nerd, a web and graphic design nerd, a band nerd, a gaming nerd, and now a gaming nerd for my own game.