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Posted by – March 31, 2015


Snap Crackle Pop Rice Dick

Posted by – January 6, 2015

john balsamo2

Just a heads up, I’m still around, I know I only updated this a few times last year, but I was busy doing other stuff.  I hope to make many new posts in 2015, some stuff I’ve saved and never put up here, some Zazzle stuff, some new stuff, new music, and new thoughts and rants – it will all be coming soon!

Tim Likes His Mouths Stained With Semen

Posted by – July 26, 2014

tim likes his mouths stained with semen

Linked To The Violents

Posted by – July 13, 2014

linked to the violents

Dani Yates and the Ordained Pastor Scientist

Posted by – June 27, 2014

For the record, I’ve hated Sublime since 1996.  Fuck that band.

dani yates

When People Choose Deadly Cannabis.

Posted by – March 25, 2014

when people choose deadly marijuana instead of refreshing alcohol

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Murder Doritos

Posted by – March 25, 2014

murder everyone you see

Marijuana addicts are not only unhinged mass murderers, they speak in code.

When they say something like, “I get high all the time and I’ve only killed a bag of Doritos!” they actually mean the number of people they’ve killed. Because, cmon, who’s going to admit to hundreds of murders? They would go to jail and not be able to inject their THC Hemp Oil. Just like 420, this is another weeder code, just to let other weeders “in the know” understand how many murders they’ve committed. They like to rank each other in magazines like High Times on the most number of kills. That’s right, murder is just a game to reefer addicts.

But luckily, we have recently cracked the code! When they say, “I’ve only killed a bag of Doritos!” they mean “I’ve only killed 25-30 people.” They are a beginner, probably only smoked weed once or twice. A cheeseburger, on the other hand, is pretty high up there – at least 200 kills. Here are some of the other code words in which these sick marijuana addicts use:

Bag of Chips – 50-60 people killed
Bag of Licorice – 75-100 people killed
A Hamburger – 100-120 people killed
A Bowl Of Cereal – 150-200 people killed
A Cheeseburger – 200-250 people killed
A Pizza – over 500 confirmed kills
A Large Pizza – over 1000 confirmed kills

I hope this helps everybody to understand the violent nature of the weed addict and their sick, perverse codewords. Good day to you!
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The Jackie Chan Game

Posted by – March 25, 2014

I’ve just invented a great new game/prank to play on everyone on facebook who is a reefer addict. As we all know, Jackie Chan is a wonderful human being who has never smoked reefers in his life. This has allowed him to become a kung-fu master and make scores of wonderful films that are pure delight for the whole family. Successful and loved by all, Jackie Chan is a true hero. This great man has also blessed the internet with one of the greatest picture macros ever. I have altered the picture just slightly to fit in with the game. Now, here’s how you play:

Step 1) Download the picture attached to this status

Step 2) Every time a reefer addict posts something anywhere on facebook, whether it’s some stupid picture that changes a well-known franchise into something having to do with weed (like Marijuana Dew instead of Mountain Dew and it has a Mountain Dew bottle with a big reefer leaf on it – stuuuupiiiiiid…), a link to one of their filthy, lying propaganda sites, or just some neanderthal gruntings they decided to spew forth and waste everybody’s time with, post the Jackie Chan picture in a photo comment in the comment thread. Don’t say anything else, just post the picture and let Jackie Chan do all the talking.

Step 3) Every time they write something after that, most likely how they’re going to murder you or your family because you don’t like marijuanas, or something racist or homophobic, just keep responding with photo comments of the Jackie Chan picture and nothing else

Step 4) Eventually all reefer addicts will realize nobody wants them here and they will all leave facebook for good! We will then be one step closer to winning the weed war!

Have fun playing this great new game, everybody!

jackie chan the fuck

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Marijuana Makes You Violent Ads

Posted by – March 20, 2013

It feels really good to be able to help people.  People like this:

bulldog prison

Luckily, I get to put my photoshop skillz to good use.  After so many years of just dickin around and making funny shit for no reason, it really warms my heart, right down in the cockles, to be able to make these ads supporting the MMYV movement.

Here are the ones I’ve made so far:

Join the crusade:  Marijuana Makes You Violent!