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Posted by – May 24, 2015


420 Survival Sheet

Posted by – April 21, 2014

MMYV recently took one of my suggestions and made it a reality!  They published the “April 20th Survival Sheet” on April 19th, and it got a lot of people making up their own survival guide for it.

Here’s mine:

april 20th

Murder Doritos

Posted by – March 25, 2014

murder everyone you see

Marijuana addicts are not only unhinged mass murderers, they speak in code.

When they say something like, “I get high all the time and I’ve only killed a bag of Doritos!” they actually mean the number of people they’ve killed. Because, cmon, who’s going to admit to hundreds of murders? They would go to jail and not be able to inject their THC Hemp Oil. Just like 420, this is another weeder code, just to let other weeders “in the know” understand how many murders they’ve committed. They like to rank each other in magazines like High Times on the most number of kills. That’s right, murder is just a game to reefer addicts.

But luckily, we have recently cracked the code! When they say, “I’ve only killed a bag of Doritos!” they mean “I’ve only killed 25-30 people.” They are a beginner, probably only smoked weed once or twice. A cheeseburger, on the other hand, is pretty high up there – at least 200 kills. Here are some of the other code words in which these sick marijuana addicts use:

Bag of Chips – 50-60 people killed
Bag of Licorice – 75-100 people killed
A Hamburger – 100-120 people killed
A Bowl Of Cereal – 150-200 people killed
A Cheeseburger – 200-250 people killed
A Pizza – over 500 confirmed kills
A Large Pizza – over 1000 confirmed kills

I hope this helps everybody to understand the violent nature of the weed addict and their sick, perverse codewords. Good day to you!
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