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I make stuff on Zazzle, and currently have 5 shops.  Feel free to check em out!

BlackOgre Online SuperStore – over 21,000 unique gifts ideas!  ranging from nerdy to political to funny to just plain abstract and strange, you’re sure to find something for you or someone you love!

PlaidWorkz Online SuperStore – over 150 plaid designs on stamps, shoes, ties, binders, and more!

DarkArtz Online SuperStore – insanely dark and gothic-inspired imagery!

BlackOgre Online iSuperStore – high quality protective iPad and iPhone hard cover cases. Now on Doodles! WTF is a Doodle, you ask? They are cool little speakers you can plug into anything with usb support! Come check it out!

Right On The Monet – The entire works of Claude Monet (work in progress.)

What Is BlackOgre? BlackOgre Online is a company I started to house my wide variety of creative endeavors. I love to create art, try new technologies, and learn about things. Here is what I have done in the past and/or still do to this day:

Web Design: I create basic and easily-navigated sites. I started in about 2004.

Graphic Design: I enjoy art immensely, and strive to think outside the box when it comes to creating. I’m inspired by graffiti, anime, HR Giger, fantasy artwork akin to those found in the old Dragon magazines, patterns and chaos, and anything surreal and abstract. I have drawn pictures all my life, and I view Photoshop as a natural extension of my works.

Electronica: I make electronic music. I guess I sound like Daft Punk mixed with Aphex Twin. Visit my Website. Visit my SoundCloud.

Video Editing: I used to be a member of an independent film company, and we shot a movie and several music videos while I was with them, and I edited them in Final Cut Pro. Since I left in about 2007, I have learned Adobe Premier as well and made 3 music videos for my own music.

The Rest: I love nerd stuff like 4chan, MMORPGS, nerdspeak, daily demotivators, lolcats, etc. I was that kid that played pen and paper RPGS: Dungeons and Dragons, Robotech, TMNT, GURPS, Car Wars, Palladium, even a few that my friends and I made up – yes, we took it to the next level, lol! I also loved computers from the start, I used to create RPGS in BASIC. The internet marked an even larger evolution of this.

I heard things in the past, things that never made much sense to me, like “fake moon landings” and “second gunman on the grassy knoll”, but I kinda always wrote them off as “crazy”, “not true”, and “conspiracies”, you know, like most people do. Then in 2007 I saw a little-known movie called “Loose Change”, which really made me sit up and take notice, but also filled me with doubts and questions (a movie like that should.) So I began to explore further into the realm of “conspiracy theories.” I watched some movies, read some alternative news sources, and began to understand what is really going on in this world. Everything that they were talking about was “what happened in the past” and “what was going to happen in the future”, way back in 2008. I didn’t believe all of it then, but over the past few years events, laws, and news have literally backed up everything that was just “crazy talk” a few years ago. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the Matrix where Keanu is given a choice between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill and I took the Red Pill. Sometimes I wish I took the Blue Pill….

I have a really dark sense of humor. Grew up watching Monty Python, Allo Allo, Are You Being Served, Red Dwarf, and Black Adder. Some of my favorite comedies now are Curb Your Enthusiasm, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Mighty Boosh, Tim and Eric, Trailer Park Boys, and anything else that’s not filled with dick and fart jokes.

Other TV shows that I like are anything with a fantasy feel like Game of Thrones and Spartacus, and dark, apocalyptic stuff like Jerico and The Walking Dead. I really don’t watch TV (because most of it sucks), I just wait for all the episodes of a season to come out and watch em all at once.

So there you have it: the rest of BlackOgre Online is a culmination of nerd stuff, “conspiracy theories”, things that are funny to me, and fantasy stuff. All these factors have spilled over into my designs on this site, and you will find a wide array of eclectic designs you have never seen before. Enjoy the Chaos =)

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