PlaidWorkz25 Stamp from

Posted by – June 10, 2011

PlaidWorkz25 Stamp from

PlaidWorkz25 Stamp

sold 7 sheets of these =)!  i get a lot of hits on my plaidworkz storefront, but i never really sell anything.  i think it’s been a tie, a pair of shoes, and these stamps over the last year.  hoping this marks a change =)

started plaidworkz mugs recently, and i need to finish up the original 150 designs for all the products because i got another 20 7-bit plaids to put up and was thinking of doing some more xenoplaids, it’s just really hard getting in that “gotta create 300 products 1 by 1 over the next 9 hours” mode.  i’m having internet ADD problems atm.


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