The Pure Drugs Pharmacy 2 Tshirt from

Posted by – May 5, 2011

The Pure Drugs Pharmacy tshirt

The Pure Drugs Pharmacy 2 Tshirt from

The Pure Drugs Pharmacy – The pharmacy with the purest drugs in all of Minnesota back in the 1910s. This advert was place in many prominent magazines at the time. They enjoyed a fine customer base, but unfortunately, due to poor management, the pharmacy had to close. On a side note, the owner’s daughter ran off in 1913 and was never seen since. The mystery still remains as to what happened to her or where she went, but has been said that she joined a Spanish fleet and made many prominent naval decisions. The owner’s son also joined the US navy, and is famous for creating the 4 Leaf Clover maneuver, where the ships rotate around in a clover leaf turn and then converge on a central target from all angles. The owner’s wife was an artist and knitter, and it is said she was the first to create those socks that wrapped around your individual toes at the end, and though she did not make them in that cool rainbowy color you see nowadays, they did sell basic black, blue and white in the shop.

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