Is It Wrong To Be Obsessed With Felicia Day?

Posted by – December 14, 2012

Felicia Day

Is it wrong to be obsessed with Felicia Day?  I first saw her on TableTop with Wil Wheaton, and I was like who is this strange yet cute lady?  So I googled her and a music video for her show the Guild showed up as the first result.  So I watched it, and then I’m like wtf is the Guild?  So I googled that and watched the first season.  And then the second season.  Back to back, nonstop.  I was pretty surprised by how good it was, I really liked it.  I played Anarchy Online for 6 years and am currently on month 2 of playing DDO.  So I can completely relate to most of the stuff in the show.  By the middle of season 2, where she just screwed up talking to the stunt man and was doing a webcam about how her mouth always betrays her (been there), I realized I was thinking, “hey, I would treat you so wonderful you’d never feel like that again!” and then I realized,  “wow, I’m kind of obsessed with this girl….”  I realize that she’s a big star and has a million better options out there, and she’s just portraying a character, and maybe I’m just a sucker for a girl who needs a white knight, but hopefully one day I will be able to find a girl like this one.  Kind of awkward, kind of nerdy, extremely beautiful, smart, quick-witted and funny.  Post or present MMO addict a plus.  Hats off to you, Felicia Day, you are a wonderful actress and stunningly beautiful.




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