Black People from the 1920s and 30s

Posted by – October 2, 2011

I was on youtube looking at the new Skyrim videos, and somehow just by surfing around got on the subject of banned cartoons from the 1920s and 30s. I gotta say, I really like how black people were depicted back then! They were all singing and dancing all the time and having the time of their life! I like musicians, and every single black person seemed to be a musician or singer back then. And they could play all kinds of instruments: trumpets, pianos, flutes, and somehow, I’m assuming through some sort of magical powers that black people had back then, they could turn any kind of rope or other thing thing that was long and kinda string-like into a stand-up bass and play it and it would sound exactly like a stand-up bass! There was this one scene where this black guy was playing a clarinet with his eyes all bugged out, and dancing this crazy dance where his legs were all wobbly, I was like, “Woah! I could never do that!” Just a group of delightful black people singing and dancing their hearts out! And their lips were way different back then, like their bodies would be black or a dark shade of brown, and their lips would be a much lighter shade of brown, or tan. It must of been the style back then? To have lips a different shade than the rest of their body? I wonder how they did it? Maybe they had fake lips or something….

Anyways there was this one video where they’re all up on this stage, and it was a bunch of black guys dressed as angels, they all had on white robes and had halos over their heads, and the lead black guy angel started singing this amazing song about how he has “swing for sale!” It was actually a really good song, all jazzy and kinda funky too. And they all took turns playing different instruments, and others sung too, like this one black angel had this really raspy voice, kinda like fat albert, like somebody choked him but didn’t kill him, I don’t know how to describe it. He had this great raspy voice and was singing – I never heard anyone quite sing like that before. So anyways, they were up on this stage, and the funny thing about it was that the stage had this huge banner that said, “COME TO PAIR o DICE!” I thought that was just great, instead of paradise they put PAIR o DICE, like 2 dice, instead! And then it cut to this sweet night city scene with all this buildings, and all these black people came running to the windows and stuck their ears out and got these big grins on their faces and started running out the front door and falling out the windows and running over each other to get to where these angels were playing. I’m like, Man, these guys must really want to get to PAIR o DICE ahaha!

And then I thought, Wow, black people were so happy and awesome back then. Today they all seem so mad about things and pissed off about stuff. What happened to those fun-loving black people that sang and danced all over the place to awesome songs? I say: Bring Back those black people from the 1920s and 30s. I wanna see black people dancing and singing everywhere like back then! Always smiling, having a great time, what more could you ask for? Just imagine, after a long, hard day at work, you’re tired and maybe a little pissed off, you take a drive on down to North Minneapolis or wherever there’s a lot of black people in your area and just sit there and watch them do crazy dance moves and sing swinging jazzy tunes, then listen to their awesome musical interludes with complex jazz piano and precision trumpet playing, and all of a sudden that horrible day you were having would be not so horrible after all.

So, in conclusion, hey, Mr. Lead Black Angel guy, you got any more of that swing for sale? Because I’d kinda like some for myself….


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