More Vague Statuses Updates (VSUs)

Posted by – September 8, 2011

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Corporate slogan bear
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Of course I care. I’ve always cared. People don’t live happily ever after just because they care
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Just found Sudafed at the bottom of my purse. I had it with me this whole weekend. wow.
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My news feed is full of whinning, I’m sorry you just found out that life aint easy :)
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Ugggggghhhhhhhh this sux.
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It would appear that Wednesdays are clustercuss day at work.
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Olive Garden!
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The wave comes in. The wave goes out.
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Got the most retarted chicks ever in my class
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I am DONE with bullshit!!!!!! I have no room for drama in my life so I don’t associate with people who bring it. I love my family and I truly have the best group of friends. Anything else you want to know just ask.
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i will admit, i have issues with some pants…
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Mmmmm mm I do love me some tossed salad
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Life is like a 7-10 split.
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Hardees is the ultimate in shit.
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Dude, What’s yer deal?
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Ugh I think I need a break from you, MR. INTERNET.
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needs a new drug
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Nervous to swim tomorrow. What if I suck?
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I was at the courthouse getting the registration for my car today, and the lady in line in front of me was wearing white. So I punched her in the dick. You’re welcome world.
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Romantic Italian Photography
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