Month: February 2013

I <3 Phil Collins

Posted by – February 28, 2013

There’s not enough macros involving one of my favorite characters on Trailer Park Boys, so I made these.

everybody is looking at your gut phil collins

phil collins peanut butter and jam

what the fuck are ya doin phil

Good Luck

Posted by – February 26, 2013

I couldn’t find a macro for this, and I wanted a macro for this, so I made a macro for this.

good luck everybody else

Hello, People From China

Posted by – February 21, 2013

I’m getting a ridiculous amount of traffic from China recently, especially from Zhengzhou and Shanghai.  What’s up, people from China?  What brings you here?  Hope you like the site!  Thanks for coming =)

Ladies: Men All Over The World Want This

Posted by – February 21, 2013

And what is it we want?  WE WANT YOU TO STOP FUCKING POSTING GIRL MACROS.  You know the ones:  A picture that contains nothing but words.  No man would ever post this garbage.  If he does, he’s not a man.  That’s why they are to be hereby referred to from this day forth as girl macros.   If you want people to read what’s on your mind and know what you’re feeling, write it out yourself.  Are the people of the world becoming so lazy that they can’t even write out what they’re feeling anymore?  They have to post a picture of some shitty quote, or a cunty jab at men, or something that proves they are so different from all the rest or maybe even a little bit fucked in the head so they’re a lot of fun and cool (fucked in the head doesn’t translate to fun and cool, no man knows why women think that we want that), or it’s full of remorseful sad feels?  Know that every man that sees that shit rolls their eyes as hard as they fucking can.  Arnold Schwarzenegger put it best:  “STOP IT!”

Examples of the shit we hate:


Picture Dump

Posted by – February 13, 2013

Some pictures I’ve collected to post on facebook pages and other places.  Probably 6-8 months worth, I’ve cut it down to 203 pics.  Enjoy!

Anderson Cooper’s Child Slavery Ring

Posted by – February 9, 2013

Today I fucked with the facebook group Being Liberal.  I’ve got nothing against AC, he’s a cool dude for saving that kid, but sometimes it’s just too easy.  Watch the white chick pull a race card, LOL.  If you’re going to pull a race card on behalf of another race, make sure the person you’re pulling it on is actually being racist.  The girl just saw what she wanted and threw out the race card and made herself look like a fool.  It was worth it just for that.  Then they try to turn it into a political debate, which is just stupid.  Aren’t you guys burnt out from the 10,000,000 pictures and 500,000,000 lines of text you spewed forth from august to november (and I mean both of  you, conservatives and liberals!)  Beyond that, Being Liberal must get trolled a lot because 3 people caught on right away.  *sigh* It’s a dying art form =(

childrens slavery ring

click to enlarge


Posted by – February 6, 2013

battlestations3 title

Moved to MixCloud because soundcloud hates djs.

BattleStations3! by Battlestations on Mixcloud


Posted by – February 3, 2013

battlestations2 title