Month: July 2012

Top 10 Products At BlackOgre Online SuperStore July 2012

Posted by – July 29, 2012

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God Hates Everyone.

Posted by – July 28, 2012

This photo has been making the rounds on facebook


Pretty much every statement that people post over and over again, such as

I agree with.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to see if the website is real.  Oh man, is it ever.  And I have never seen a more hate-fueled apparatus in my life!

Here is a clip from their page

Notice those numbers?  That prompted me to create this

If your god hates “fags”, kills that many people, sent that many people to hell since I loaded the page, spilled that much oil into the gulf, and cares that many nanoseconds about us as you WBC fuckers do, then I want no part of your religion or your god.  Fuck you and your god is a better way to put it.



Posted by – July 21, 2012

All Joke Killer Pics.


Posted by – July 13, 2012

It’s funny how many times this gets reposted on facebook. The person that posts it is all like “Woah! Cool! *nostalgia*” and then like 10 or 100 people are like, “I concur! *nostalgia*” and then finally somebody bursts all their bubbles and tells them it was 2015, not 2012. Whoever came up with this troll, I commend you!


Posted by – July 9, 2012

This 4th of July,

Posted by – July 3, 2012

don’t do this.

Delete System32

Posted by – July 3, 2012


“New” Free Album

Posted by – July 2, 2012

First album in 4 years, first free album in 7 years. An old album I had been working on since 2003, and then my hard drive crashed in ’09 and I lost all the files. Luckily I had uploaded a bunch of the songs to my website and found them again. Fixed em up best I could, and now I have a new free 25 song album for download – Go check it out!

Top 10 Items Currently In FireCreatures

Posted by – July 1, 2012

FireCreatures is a Zazzle store I have that offers unique animal designs put through a fractal plugin I have for photoshop. Here are the top 10 as of June 30th, 2012:

FireCreatures 11 15
FireCreatures 11 15″ Laptop Skins by firecreatures

FireCreatures 12 Skins For Ipad
FireCreatures 12 Skins For Ipad by firecreatures

FireCreatures 2 Print
FireCreatures 2 Print by firecreatures

FireCreatures 9 Poster
FireCreatures 9 Poster by firecreatures

FireCreatures 4 Print
FireCreatures 4 Print by firecreatures

FireCreatures 6 Print
FireCreatures 6 Print by firecreatures

FireCreatures 5 Print
FireCreatures 5 Print by firecreatures

FireCreatures 1 Print
FireCreatures 1 Print by firecreatures

FireCreatures 3 Posters
FireCreatures 3 Posters by firecreatures

FireCreatures 8 Posters
FireCreatures 8 Posters by firecreatures