Month: May 2012

You will make me RMXP Scripts….

Posted by – May 30, 2012

Introducing: The Shark Clarinet

Posted by – May 19, 2012

Introducing:  The Shark Clarinet

Right On, Sista!!!

Posted by – May 8, 2012

RIGHT ON SISTA! Gawd I hate this recycled, dumb-down, lowest-common-denominator, get-everyone-on-the-bandwagon-because-it’s-so-easy-to-agree-with-therefore-I’m-gonna-like-it-and-share-it-because-I-just-know-some-of-my-friends-if-not-all-of-my-friends-can-agree-with-this hallmark greeting card bullshit!!! The Top 40 of macros, ladies and gentlemen. We get it: You have terrible taste in men and only date assholes. Maybe change that. Or stfu. /rant

There Is No Dana. Only Springfield.

Posted by – May 8, 2012